Fantasy baseball: Impact of 2023’s new balanced schedule


Among the many changes major league baseball is implementing for the 2023 season is a more balanced schedule. The main difference will be fewer games in the division, with each team also playing one series with each club in the opposite league, as well as continuing an inter-league home and away set with a designated geographic opponent.

In last season’s version of the schedule, each team played 19 games against each club in its division, six or seven games against the other 10 clubs in its league, and either three or four interleague games against six teams (including alternating series). against all teams from the same division). Starting in 2023, the schedule will only feature 13 games against each division rival and the same six or seven games against 10 other clubs in their league. The interleague portion includes a three-game streak involving 14 teams and a couple of two-game rivalry streaks (e.g. Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White Sox, etc.).

The momentum for change is helping to level the field for postseason qualifying. Obviously, while the quality of the opposition will still vary slightly depending on the team, the difference between the top and bottom should be more grouped.


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