Fantasy baseball: Impact of bigger bases on steals


Sometimes crime pays off. In fact, some expect him to pay even more in 2023. This is an “illegal act”, of course, stealing bases, a violation that is likely to occur under the guise of new MLB rules.

There are four changes expected this season and all of them are expected to work in tandem to increase interceptions. Let’s take a look at each of them in terms of how they can help and encourage runners to increase the activity of the nefarious basic pathways.

Change #1: Breakaway from the rubber

With a runner on base, the pitcher is only allowed to get off and/or try to take him down twice per plate appearance. A third attempt is allowed, but if the runner is not called, the block is eliminated. As soon as the runner advances, the exit counter resets.

It may not happen often, but it sets up an exciting game of cat and mouse between pitcher, catcher and runner. Some will test the limits and increase their lead after two disconnects. The decision is then made as to whether the pitcher is more likely to take down the cocky runner or the catcher is more likely to throw him out.


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