Fantasy baseball: Karabell’s bold predictions for every NL team


Spring practice games are almost ready to go, which also means the 2023 regular season is just around the corner. So it’s time to get some brave when it comes to fantasy baseball!

Brave Predictions, due to their random wild nature, are unlikely to work, but they can be fun and usually have some logic to them. It might have been ridiculous a season ago to predict 62 home runs for the Yankees OF Aaron Judge or a 1.75 ERA for the Astros RHP Justin Verlander, but both of those things did happen and we definitely had clues that these players were skilled enough to go down in history. .

Who will it be this season? Let’s brave for 2023 in fantasy baseball, starting with the National League. (We’ve previously commented on the American League here.) Again, to be clear, most, if not all, of these predictions will not come true. However, maybe I’m on the right track with some of them – and that might be just as important as our preparation for our fantasy baseball checkers.


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