Everything you need to prepare for fantasy baseball is in one place! Here you will find ratings, forecasts, cheat sheets, analysis and strategy. Check back daily for new content during the opening of the 2023 season. If this is your first time playing fantasy baseball, we can recommend starting with the basics: The Method: How to Play Fantasy Baseball.

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Don’t have a team yet? Create or join a league and then dive into the latest drafting materials adapted to any format you prefer.

Game change

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Everything you need to know about our new baseball format

The Playbook: Become an expert in 9 innings

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Inning 1: How to play fantasy baseball

Inning 2: League formats: which is right for you?

Inning 3: Everything you need to know about salary cap projects

Inning 4: How to create the perfect cheat sheet (Coming soon!)

Inning 5: Composition optimization (Coming soon!)

Inning 6: Nine must-have tips (Coming soon!)

Inning 7: Outpacing league trends (Coming soon!)

Inning 8: Using advanced statistics to move forward (Coming soon!)

Inning 9: Mastering the 2023 player pool (Coming soon!)

Ratings and cheat sheets

Cockcroft: Score League Ranking

Karabell: Category Head-to-Heads/Grill Ranking

Crib Central

Registry basics

• Free agent “Hot Stove” and player movement tracker

Live Draft Results

• Closer depth chart

• MLB depth charts

For dynasty league members

• Dynasty Top 300

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