Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 300 players for 2023 drafts

We’re still far from the first step of the 2023 Opening Days, but it’s never too early to start your exploration of fantasy baseball. And what’s better than checking out Sportzshala Fantasy’s top 300 players for the 2023 MLB season?

Who should be the No. 1 pick this season in the draft? It’s the new Philadelphia Philly Three Turner, just another 20-20 season? Turner’s case is simple; he hasn’t dropped below .290 since 2018, and his OPS has topped .800 for five consecutive seasons.

All in all, Turner is not a unanimous candidate for first place overall.

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There is a younger player who can be even more electrifying than Turner – with a lot of advantages to boot.

Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. made a name for himself in his short career. Acuña has already shown potential for a 40-40 season and fantasy managers, having selected him in the top 2 or top 3, hope he returns to those heights in a full, healthy season.

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However, his health is a big issue as he hasn’t played more than 120 games since 2019. Let’s hope he plays 150+ in 2023!

Ronald Akua Jr., 13th player for the Atlanta Braves, fantasy star.
Is Ronald Acuña Jr worthy of a first fantasy pick? (Photo by Kevin D. Lyles/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)

Several new names are also expected to be selected in the first round this season. Current MVP AL, Aaron Judge, now that he’s back with the Yankees, he’s likely to be a high pick. Outfielder Seattle Mariners Julio Rodriguez had an epic 2022 season, so expect him to be a top pick in the draft as well.

Which starting pitchers deserve first round evaluation? Will the stolen bases be valuable again?

It should be another exciting season, and our analysts’ draft ratings will help you build a strong, championship-worthy team – check them out below:

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