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Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer: Pair of Yankees among targets for an offensive boost

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With roughly a week left until the standard Sportzshala Fantasy Baseball trade deadline of August 11th, managers don’t have time to waste time changing their roster with smart trades. And this is the time of year when managers need to focus on attacking certain categories or positional weaknesses in their club. With that in mind, here are a few hitters that can help with your needs. For those having trouble wording the offer, the Sportzshala Trade Market page can give you some idea of ​​how much the player has been rated in other leagues in recent days.

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Home runs and RBIs

Kyle Schwarber (HF, Philadelphia Phillies)

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I have recommended Schwarber as a trade item several times this year, as his high overall power and low average make him an ideal candidate for some fantasy lineups. The batter is second in baseball with 33 homers and has done his best work in recent memory, breaking 22 circuit trips since June 1. Despite his strength feats, Schwarber’s .202 batting average means some teams won’t mind parting ways with him.

Christian Walker (1B, Arizona Diamondbacks)

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An amazing name in this category, Walker has bounced back from a disappointing 2021 season to have his most powerful campaign this year (25 points in 102 games). And, like Schwarber, Walker dealt damage in the middle category (.201), which should hurt his trading value. Of all the people mentioned in this article, the 31-year-old will be the easiest to get.

Giancarlo Stanton (UF, New York Yankees)

Stanton is currently on IL, which should reduce his trading value. But the batter is expected to return by mid-August, during which time he will continue to build up his home run (24), which ranks 10th in baseball. Stanton is the third member of this section to have a low batting average (.228), but managers who acquire him may wish he could get his actual valuation closer to his .258 xBA.

Fantasy managers could get Giancarlo Stanton at a discount while he's in Illinois.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Fantasy managers could get Giancarlo Stanton at a discount while he’s in Illinois. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Stolen bases and credited runs

Michael Harris II (RH, Atlanta Braves)

Harris has a dynamite rookie season, hitting .280 with nine homers and 11 steals in 58 games. In fact, if you extrapolate Harris’s current pace to 162 games, that’s 25 homers, 98 runs, 84 RBIs and 31 steals, which looks like an early round star’s stats. There is a risk with Harris as he could hit the wall at some point in his rookie season, but he has an edge that outweighs his acquisition cost in many leagues.

Cedric Mullins (HF, Baltimore Orioles)

With a .260 batting average and nine home runs, Mullins was a disappointing pick early in the round. But the steal category is one area in which the leader lived up to expectations with 23 strikes in 103 games. Managers looking for steals can add Mullins at a discount and hope he does well in other categories going forward.

JT Realmuto (C, Philadelphia Phillies)

In 13 swings, Realmuto steals almost twice as much as any other catcher. Actually just two other backstops (Dolton Varshaw, Cabert Ruiz) have stolen at least five stolen bases this year. Realmuto will require a significant profit in the trade market, but it could be the best way to move up the steal category for many managers who are currently not getting hit by their catcher.

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Average level

Luis Arraes (1B/2B/3B/OF, Minnesota Twins)

Arraes is the most obvious trading target for those who need mid-level help. He ranks second among majors in this category (.329) and has hit over .300 in all four full months of this season. And with just six homers and two steals, he shouldn’t be sky-high in the trading market.

Freddie Freeman (1B, Los Angeles Dodgers)

Freeman will be highly valued in the trading market, but can bring a lot of profit to those who need average help. In the end, players who score a lot at-bats have a greater impact on the fantasy team’s overall score, with Freeman in the top 5 in both batting average and batting average. He is also among the RBI leaders, with nine interceptions and a binge drinking at any time, making the veteran the best asset among position players.

DJ LeMahieu (1B/2B/3B, New York Yankees)

A former baseball champion, LeMahier has been resorting to his old tricks of late, hitting .344 in July. And he’s been scoring in streaks, finishing second in the majors in that category since June 1st. LeMahier started this season in a nondescript manner, which held back his overall performance and could allow him to acquire him for a reasonable profit.


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