Fantasy Baseball Week 26 Preview: Top 10 sleeper pitchers include Hunter Greene, Cody Morris


Usually the season ends on Sunday, but you may remember that there was a lockout before this season. This pushed the schedule back so much that, oops, we end on Wednesday instead.

This leads to a somewhat awkward fantasy ending, assuming your league has decided to include a full schedule. Instead of the usual seven-day evaluation period, we are looking at a 10-day evaluation period. So two starts is the norm rather than the exception, so you won’t find my usual two start service rating.

  • Week 26: Sleeping Strikers

And the usual end-of-season oddities remain. Spot starts dropping things. Pitchers randomly close. Playoff teams change their rotations. Suffice it to say that you don’t want to be nice, if you can help it.

But if you need help with that final push, these 10 pitchers are my favorites. enrolled no more than 80 percent CBS sports leagues.

All information is current as of Sunday evening.