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Fantasy Baseball: What do we make of these high-profile rookies?

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Several recent calls have their place in the fantastic sun in this edition of Closing Time. Settle down, settlers.

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The Red Sox will eventually get Enrique Hernandez from the list of the wounded, but perhaps they are better off with Jarren Duran However. Duran had a day in the win over Detroit on Monday, with two hits, two runs, a walk and two great stolen bases.

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Duran had a solid .305/.379/.531 slash in 43 games in Triple-A (with six homers, 11 steals), and his slash is nearly identical for a tiny sample of eight games in Boston. He’s 25, so he should be ready. The Red Sox have beaten him in five of their last six games.

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There’s plenty of time to kick some ass, and Duran only makes up 10 percent of Sportzshala’s list.

CJ Abrams returns to Majors

CJ Abrams didn’t make it in his first San Diego trial this year, but he’s back for another try. Padres lost Manny Machado over the weekend, and obviously Fernando Tatis Jr. not ready.

If you see the Abraham Cup half full, you like Triple-A’s .314/.364/.507 line with seven homers and ten interceptions. It plays. But he also played 21 games at the MLB level and hit none: .271/.258/.259. The Padres beat him eighth on Monday and watched him go 0 for 3.

There is no magic answer when the lights come on with noisy vistas. Abrams is still only 21 years old. Perhaps this summer he will be able to penetrate the fantasy-relevance. He makes up 18 percent of the Y list.

What a debut for Oneil Cruz

I’m not talking about Oneil Cruz because he’s been covered a lot in the last few days. Noisy perspective. And man, he fills out the uniform – 6ft 7in, 220 pounds. This is a giant athlete for any position, but especially for shortstop.

Oneil Cruz #15 of the Pittsburgh Pirates makes fantasy debut
Oneil Cruz is a big fantasy avenue. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Cruz had a day in his season debut with a single, double and four RBIs against the Cubs. Interestingly, Cruz didn’t have a great Triple-A season when he was recalled; slash .232 / .336 / .422 with nine homers and 11 interceptions. Category juice is fun, slash is more common. But we have to respect the pedigree, and of course we love certain categories of juice.

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Sportzshala managers see potential upside and have already responded. Cruz quickly jumped to 59 percent in the last couple of days.

Andrew Wong makes a statement

I’m old enough to remember the days when Tony LaRussa was considered one of baseball’s geniuses. Nobody talks about it today. But at least LaRussa eventually got the hang of Andrew Vaughn, a rising Chicago slugger.

Earlier this year, Vaughn was in ninth place, but about a month ago, LaRussa finally put the guy in second place. This has become a happy spot for Vaughn as he cuts .345/.405/.540 from that igniter position. Vaughn had four hits, including a homer, as the White Sox swept past Toronto on Monday.

Sometimes Vaughn plays first base, sometimes he’s in the outfield, sometimes he plays DH. It doesn’t seem to matter – he always hits. Sportzshala players sniffed the scent, pushing Vaughn to the 50 percent roster tag. FROM Tim Anderson Back with Chicago, this underperforming club could be ready to kick off as the summer rolls around.


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