Three members of the Texas Rangers team are likely to finish the 2022 season in the top 50 hitters. Sportzshala Player Rating and possibly a fourth infielder will join them next season as a key fantasy purveyor. The Rangers didn’t get a playoff sniff, but 1B Nathaniel Lowe found his strength, and 2B rookies Markus Semien and SS Corey Seeger, despite neither claiming the batting title, certainly helped the fantasy managers.

The Rangers have spent heavily improving their mid-infield with Semien and Seeger, and have had the building blocks of offense for years now. Semyon took the lead, and after six seasons of stealing double-figure bases, he hit a career-best 17 by the All-Star break and kept running. This was a big problem for fantasy. Seeger hit 30 home runs for the first time. Semien and Seeger were drafted in the top 50 on draft day, but Lowe was not drafted in most leagues and was in the top 10 fantasy first basemen.