Aaron Judge’s New York Yankees certainly provided enough value for fantasy baseball in the 2021 season as he hit .287 with 39 home runs and, perhaps most impressively, played in 148 games. After all, few doubted Judge’s ability to toss baseballs and hit them very hard and very far. A question for Judge, starting with his historic 2017 rookie campaign when he hit 52 home runs, was about his stamina. If we could count on more than 150 games, we could probably count on big numbers.

Well, mission accomplished.

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In his 30th season, Judge has played over 150 games this season and has apparently taken the baseball world by storm with his incredible display of power, easily outpacing everyone else when it came to home runs. The judge in the squad this season meant not only more strength and averages, but also more strength than everyone else. This is a significant advantage. Judge will end the 2022 season as a clear winner. Sportzshala Player Rating and an amazingly durable supplier with five categories.