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Fantasy Baseball: Will a muddled Miami lineup hurt Jon Berti?

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I don’t blame anyone who ignores the Miami Marlins in fantasy and reality. With 33-39 they are not playoff contenders. Sandy Alcantara is the leader of Sai Yang and Pablo Lopez we have a good year, but the rest of the rotation let us down. Tanner Scott looks like bearable closer.

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My main feature in Miami lineup these days John Bertie, who last month was on a base stealing binge. His stats for June are too good to be true: .323/.388/.409, 15 runs, 18 steals. During this time, he was only caught stealing once. Even when the Marlins lost to the St. Louis on Monday, you can run for a long time, Adam Wainwright Bertie grabbed the bag.

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This is what Bertie does – he hits a base and then steals another base.

John Bertie #5 of the Miami Marlins is essential to fantasy.
John Bertie was the supposed savior of the stolen base. (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
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But now Brian Anderson ready to play again. And suddenly the composition of Miami becomes more complicated.

Anderson missed about a month with a back injury. He is a normal third baseman on the team and deserves a daily spot. Anderson’s OPS+ of 122 is one of the few Marlins to top the league average this year (100 is an indexed average). Jazz Chisholm Jr. (140) Garret Cooper (139) and Bertie (130) are other Pisces who have proven themselves well. Jesus Aguilar is a hair’s breadth above the equator (103), and Jesus Sanchez (92) – eyelash below. Miguel Rojas (85) and avisail garcia (66) they have bad seasons.

Oh, and then catch. Jacob Stallings holds a rotten slash .199/.266/.257 and Nick Fortes has three homers and a .965 OPS in 44 plate appearances. This performance by Fortez doesn’t fit his profile in the minor leagues, but I still wish he’d played more. When I look at Stallings’ bat, my soul breaks.

Let’s go back to Bertie. Anderson’s injury was Bertie’s easiest route to playing time, and Bertie recorded the most action at third base. But the Marlins have options with Bertie, who has also seen time at second base, shortstop, left field and center field. On Monday’s lineup, Bertie was at second base – Jazz Chisholm resting his wobbly back – while Anderson returned to third.

Fantasy managers are already accustomed to the parade of Bertie’s stolen bases. And given how flexible Bertie is, a lot of players could get injured or fall, and Bertie’s place in the roster would be safe. But Anderson’s return is nonetheless a source of some concern. At least temporarily, Miami’s lineup looks overwhelmed. And manager Don Mattingly didn’t see Bertie as the main cog at the start of the year.

I wonder what it would take for Garcia to stay on the bench forever — he was a prolific hitter in Milwaukee last year, but now he’s hitting .227/.264/.324 for the Marlins. This statistic is not good for any field position, but especially for the corner point of the field. Garcia is hitting fourth, fifth or sixth almost every night, though he missed the last two games of the weekend series against the Mets. He was 1 out of 4 on Monday.

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Rojas’ place is protected by his positive defense. Shortstop is one of the few positions where a player can mostly only wear gloves and not run out of town. Rojas does offer some juice in the fantasy category, with six homers and four steals. However, its overall offensive contribution is taken as negative by modern calculators.

My last wish for the Miami attack is for Cooper to stay healthy. He became a regular with the Marlins in 2019 and has been productive ever since — the .290/.363/.462 slash plays everywhere. His hard-hit profile is stable, with Statcast actually suggesting that Cooper should move up 51 points this year. If Miami ever decides to sell players mid-year – essentially abandoning the season – Cooper’s bat and versatility could come in handy for the opposition. Cooper is an interesting addition to Sportzshala’s deeper pools, which accounted for 38 percent.

The Marlins are playing in St. Louis in about eight hours. I’m looking forward to the new roster card. Do the right thing, Mattingly. Play with your best offensive players.


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