Fantasy Basketball pickups for Week 19

Sportzshala Fantasy Analyst And Titus offers several pickups for managers as the NBA season enters its second half.

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And TIT: We’re at the end of week 18 and I have a few players below 50% of the roster and need to get into fantasy right now. The minor leagues are looking to Donte Di Vincenzo. It currently stands at 44%. Steph Curry will be re-evaluated in a week. Besides, Andrew Wiggins won’t be on Friday. So this should increase Donte Di Vincenzo’s playing time.

Every time Steph Curry has been off the court this season, he has averaged 32 minutes. And when he was off the court, he averaged 11 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. I think he will be a great source of triplets as well as points. And he scatters a few products into different categories. Just make sure you pick him up because the Warriors will be playing three games in four nights at the end of week 18.

Also, I would take Talen Horton-Tucker. That’s right, THT from the Utah Jazz. It currently makes up 32% of the list. But I think it’s too little. Collin Sexton is already ruled out for the next couple of games. He will be re-examined on Monday due to a hamstring injury. At the start of the season, he suffered a hamstring injury. Even though he was looking straight at the slam dunk competition, there must be something going on. So THT is definitely someone you don’t want to see on the list, the guy who gets assists in the second squad. I think he will have a really good opportunity to do more with Mike Conley on the bench and Collin Sexton on the bench.

The next player I would pick was Shaydon Sharp of the Portland Trail Blazers. He is only 29% on the list. And that’s pretty surprising considering Anferny Simons will be out for four to six weeks with an ankle injury. And Schaedon Sharp said hurtfully, “Hey, I’m dropping this dunking competition to focus on the last half of the season.” That’s good because he’s averaging 14 points on 4 rebounds and 2 assists in his last four games.

I think he will continue to be the offensive spark for the Portland Trail Blazers who desperately need him. Let’s see if Jerami Grant comes back from the concussion protocol. But I think Schaedon Sharp will be very good offensively.

But if you’re not interested in Shedon Sharp, take a look at Matisse Tiboul. He’s had at least four reserves in his last two games since joining the Portland Trail Blazers. He won’t give you many points. But if Dame Lillard yells at you about her freestyle, it probably looks good. So if you’re looking for defense stats, be sure to pick Matisse Tiboule, who only makes up 24% of the players.

And for my deep league addition, I would definitely look to Jalyn Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder, aka J-Will, and not J-Dub, the other Jalen Williams. But J-Will has been doing a lot of stuff lately and I think Mark Daniels is definitely going to start relying on him on the front court because Jeremiah Robinson-Earle looks like he’s about to come out of the rotation. Alexei Pokusevsky was not there for a minute. And I love what I see from J-Will, 16 rebounds in a game before the All-Star break. He took on many charges. He can stretch the floor and hit a triple.

There are a lot of things to like from a fantasy point of view. And Grom hasn’t contacted anyone in this forward zone yet. So it might be his job that he might be losing now. And the Thunder always likes to play with their young bucks towards the end of the season. So with three games in four nights also for the Thunder, take a look at Jalyn Williams, who currently only has 4% of the Sportzshala leagues roster. Be sure to check out my post on Monday for even more pickups in Week 19 as we head into the fantasy playoffs. Until then, peace.


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