Fantasy Basketball Playoff Cheat-code Pickups: Ride with these 2 Warriors in Week 21 and beyond

For those of you who have a farewell week or who are hoping for their first round fantasy playoff matchup, I would be looking forward to the waiver wire where there could be a couple of Golden State Warriors players who can help you out for the next couple of weeks.

The Warriors are attractive for several reasons.

First, it’s one of only three teams to play eight games over the next two weeks (along with the Grizzlies and Spurs). You should be able to comfortably start the Warriors in Week 21 because their Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday games have fewer than nine games on their respective lists.

Things can get tricky in week 22 because they’re playing four games, with three of them on rosters of 9 or more games. However, their opponents and seeding will influence decisions to start strongly as the next two players in the fantasy playoffs.

Donte DiVincenzo – PG/SG, Golden State Warriors (45% of participants)

Steph Curryreturning to action on Sunday doesn’t make me think about Di Vincenzo’s prospects for Week 21 because he will continue to start as long as Andrew Wiggins (personal) missing. I saw DiVincenzo in the win against the Pelicans on Friday night, and although his shot missed the target, he constantly found ways to influence the game.

Over the past month, he has been in the top 60 players and has had at least 11 rebounds and assists in four of the last five competitions. I mean, look at the hustle, the bounce, and the nasty dime to cut Jonathan Cuminga (more on it soon) at a crucial moment here:

Such plays have become the norm for the Big Stew. His ability to draw and kick surrounded by killers on the perimeter offers many opportunities to help fantasy managers to the finish line.

Despite a couple of poor games in Week 19, he is still averaging nearly 12 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 triples and 1.5 steals in 33 minutes per game since the All-Star break. And the Warriors will need his catch-and-shoot skills, with Curry and Jordan Pool drawing so much attention from the opposing defense. Who is the best Golden State player this season?

Yep, Di Vincenzo. Wiggins is no fool either, with an effective FG percentage of 63.5%, but Di Vincenzo hits the mark with an eFG percentage of 67.1%.

The Warriors will play three games in Week 20, but they have four games scheduled in Weeks 21 and 22. He’s been a revelation to the Warriors lately, and fantasy managers should buy him too.

Jonathan Cuminga – PF/C, Golden State Warriors (27% of members)

I will definitely hide Kuminga where I can go into Week 21 because he has played over 24 minutes in six of his last seven games. Unfortunately for warriors Draymond Green aggravated a wrist injury Sunday night. The x-ray was negative and he’s living through it as he’s listed as likely before Tuesday’s game, but let’s not forget he’s also dealing with a bruised knee that cost him a couple of games at the end of February.

Prior to Sunday’s failure, Kuminga had averaged 14.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 1.3 triples, 1.8 steals and 0.8 blocks in 25 minutes per game over the past week. While his free throw percentage and passing speed undermined his fantastic value, his scoring and reserves were worth the damage.

Kuminga wasn’t asked to create his own shot because he usually does the hustle and bustle, but the game makes the 20-year-old gain more confidence. Here it flies by Paul George for dunk:

It’s a game like the one above, where his drive and aggression can bolster the Warriors’ half-court offense. Some may be concerned that Kuminga will only play 13 minutes after Steph Curry’s return on Sunday, but he needs more playing time. Anthony Lamb, a season-long utility role player for the Warriors (earning 20.1 minutes per game), reached the maximum number of games for a player on a two-way contract (50). So the Warriors have to put him on a standard contract or he won’t be able to play.

The Warriors haven’t made that move yet, which makes me think they’ll offer more opportunities for Cuminga. Lamb outplayed Cuminga on Sunday and I can see why the fantasy managers probably dumped him. But his fitness, athleticism and defensive versatility will be critical to the Warriors in the next couple of weeks. Five of their eight games from Weeks 21 to 22 are away, and with such a tight playoff seeding in the West, the Dubs will certainly need to improve their 7-24 record away from the Chase Center.

Cuminga will be more accessible than DiVincenzo (especially after his 3 rebounds and 1 block against the Lakers). However, both will be valuable assets that will help the fantasy managers put together a fantasy championship.


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