Fantasy Basketball Rankings 2022-23: Small forward draft tiers

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The 2022-2023 NBA season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start preparing for your basketball draft dreams. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Fantasy analyst Dan Titus gets to work on his draft rating as well as his position levels – he hits small forwards below – to help you be ready when you’re on the clock.

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Note. Not every player will have an analysis if it is listed in the levels below. Players with multiple positions will only show up in the history of the positional level where they have the most minutes.

Level 1 – Elite

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    1. Kevin Durant

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    2. Jason Tatum

  • 3. Kawhi Leonard

  • 4. LeBron James

  • 5. Jimmy Butler

Kevin Durant and Jason Tatum are first-round picks this season, and I discussed their prospects in a trial draft early in the season.

The Clippers and fantasy managers are looking forward to the return of Kawhi Leonard. He has fully recovered from his anterior cruciate ligament injury and is participating in the Clippers’ training camp. He will most likely not play in straight sets and his workload will be adjusted throughout the season, but he is an exceptional two-way player who makes a difference in every category. He finished 6th on average per game in 2020-2021

-And the eternal question remains: When will Father Time come? eventually catch up with the king? He turns 38 this year and has missed 53 games in the past two seasons. But when LeBron is on the court, he makes an impression. He finished fourth in games last season and averaged a ridiculous 37.7 minutes per game. His current ADP of 13.2 is a bit rich in my opinion, but he is capable of reaching the first round value if he stays healthy.

Level 2 – high floor attackers

  • 6. DeMar DeRozan

  • 7. Scotty Barnes

  • 8. Brandon Ingram

– DeMar DeRozan, also known as the master of the middle distance, did not disappoint in his first season in Chicago, posting 27.9 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1.2 shots (interceptions + blocks) at 50/50 35/87 throws. He won’t do much in the 3-point department, but he’s a consistent 20/5/5 player. Absence Lonzo Ball you just have to put the ball in DeRozan’s hands more often, so another season of 30 percent use is on the way for the 13-year-old pro. His current ADP seems to be correct at 27.5, an early pick in the third round.

“You might be surprised to see current NBA Rookie of the Year Scotty Barnes so high on the list, but I expect him to get even better in his second year. He can play in any position, score at all three levels, rebound and set up for his teammates. He’s a cornerstone of the Raptors’ franchise, and he’ll also take over as a fantasy manager forward this season. He finished 66th on average per game. last year, but a slight improvement in his free-kick shots will put him in that high tier of small forwards.

#4 Scotty Barnes of the Toronto Raptors has fantastic potential.
Scotty Barnes enters his second season with massive fantasy potential. (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images)

His ADP is 46.6 but I wouldn’t be mad if he made it to the third round given his potential. I’m thrilled that he’s averaging 15.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.8 rebounds per game last year.

Level 3 – Mid Round Options

  • 9. Mycal Bridges

  • 10. Michael Porter Jr.

  • 11. And Anunobi

  • 12. Chris Middleton

  • 13. Keldon Johnson

  • 14. Franz Wagner

  • 15. Tobias Harris

  • 16. Herbert Jones

Mikal Bridges is the Iron Man of the NBA. His exceptional shooting, interception ability, and 3-point hitting skills make him relevant in fantasy, despite not seeing a ton of offensive use by the Phoenix Suns. He finished 31st in games last year, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t surprise you with his stats.

What version of Michael Porter Jr. can fantasy managers look forward to this season? My guess is that its production will be closer to 2020-2021 than what we saw in nine games last year. He is reported to be in good health and not expected to be able to handle the workload, so he is “resting” on MPJ being a solid mid-round pick this season.

– Chris Middleton and Tobias Harris are two players I don’t want to draft this season with their current ADPs. Middleton will miss the start of the regular season due to rehab from off-season wrist surgery. With an ADP of 48.1 or a fourth round I’d rather navigate Keldon Johnson or Franz Wagner in the sixth and seventh rounds. And Tobias Harris’ role in the Sixers’ offense is worrying. He is the intended fourth attack option after Joel Embiid, James Harden as well as Tyrese Maxi. His stats should be ok, I just don’t see much growth in his current situation or ADP at 67.4.

Tier 4 – Bargain Hunters

  • 17. Straw Grant

  • 18. Buddy Heald

  • 19. Garden Bay

  • 20. R. J. Barrett

  • 21. Harrison Barnes

  • 22. Andrew Wiggins

  • 23. Kyle Kuzma

  • 24. Gordon Hayward

  • 25. Will Barton

  • 26. Lugenz Tam

  • 27. Dillon Brooks

What a success Andrew Wiggins has in the 2022 NBA playoffs. He was the x-factor of the Warriors’ championship campaign, but I think the market places too much value on his fantasy. His current ADP is 79.3 but he ranked 125th on average per game last season. Instead I would go for Sadik Bay, Buddy Heald or RJ Barrett at this project cost.

Tier 5 – Category Streamers

  • 28. Robert Covington

  • 29. Kelly Obre Jr.

  • 30. Eric Gordon

  • 31. Bogdan Bogdanovich

  • 32. De’Andre Hunter

  • 33. Bennedict Maturin

  • 34. Isaac Okoro

  • 35. Dorian Finney-Smith

  • 36. Malik Beasley

  • 37. Alexey Pokusevsky

  • 38. Patrick Williams

  • 39. Zeer Williams

  • 40. Rui Hachimura

  • 41. Royce O’Neill

  • 42. Bruce Brown Jr.

  • 43. Doug McDermott

  • 44. Jay Sean Tate

Robert Covington was one of only five players to average at least 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks last season. While he is likely to come off the bench with the Clippers, he is still a valuable asset for fantasy managers in need of a defensive 3-pointer. Eric Gordon projects that will become start-up science fiction for the Rockets, but he will be at the same level as Jay Sean Tate. Gordon remains a trade candidate, so Tate’s situation could change at any moment. Alexey Pokusevsky is a guy who will most likely earn a bunch of minutes since he became a prize-winning rookie. Chet Holmgren out for the season. Pokusevski can surpass his ADP of 133.8, so keep in mind he’s a late round pick.

Level 6 – Post Draft Streaming Options

  • 45. Grant Williams

  • 46. ​​Denis Avdia

  • 47. Kyle Anderson

  • 48. Joe Ingles

  • 49. Terence Mann

  • 50. Jonathan Cuminga

  • 51. Isaiah Leavers

  • 52. Reggie Bullock

  • 53. Matisse Tibull

Level 7 – It will take trauma for fantasy relevance.

  • 54. Nicholas Batum

  • 55. Sedi Osman

  • 56. Garrison Matthews

  • 57. Trey Murphy III

  • 58. Moses Moody

  • 59. Otto Porter Jr.

  • 60. Prince Taurus

  • 61. Duncan Robinson

  • 62 Josh Richardson


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