Fantasy Basketball Risers and Fallers: Who should you target or move at the trade deadline?

As we head into week 20 of the fantasy basketball season, the fantasy managers are nearing the finish line, with the playoffs kicking off for some as early as next week. The trade deadline ends today at 11:59 pm ET, so if you’re still on the hunt or looking to top off your deep run roster, time is of the essence. As some players become reliable sources of production and others fall out of favor, I’m breaking down the targets I’d like to acquire and the two names I’d sell before their value diminishes even further.

Let’s dive into the ups and downs this week.


Cameron Johnson, SF/PF, Brooklyn Nets

Current rating per game: 70

Johnson is warming upVoice of the NBA Jam), and it’s just in time for fantasy managers as he adjusts to his growing role with the Brooklyn Nets. Since Johnson joined the Nets seven games ago, Johnson has made three more shots per game and is up 5.1 points per game (19.0) and has a higher field goal percentage. (50.5%). On Wednesday, Johnson scored 33 points to tie his season high with 7 triples. A couple of games ago he admitted that he’s still getting used to the nets defense principlesbut he seems to be picking up speed quickly, racking up 14 stacks (11 steals and 3 blocked shots) in his first seven games with the new lineup.

His rebounds and assists have remained about the same, but his usage has grown by 3.3% since moving to BC. And his role as a creator could also mature, since HC Jacque Vaughn insultingly expressed his confidence in Johnson.

He’s a player I’m actively targeting at the deadline because the Nets have a great schedule throughout the fantasy playoffs and there’s minimal risk of Johnson managing the workload. The same goes for Mikal Bridges — it will simply be worth a lot more in the deal.

The Nets have lost six of their last eight games, but will need to turn things around at some point if they want to avoid missing the playoffs and getting into the lottery, which leaves the door open for the Houston Rockets to trade picks with rivals. . Brooklyn in this year’s draft. But that’s not the problem for fantasy managers, who should be looking to capitalize on a rising player like Johnson before he breaks out completely by the end of the year.

Jalen Williams, SG/SF, Oklahoma City Thunder

Current rating per game: 94

I wrote about Williams’ rise four weeks ago and I came back to it because he’s gotten even better since then. At the time he only had 52% of the squad (now he has 72%) and I can’t say I’m surprised considering he moved into the top 100 and was the 36th ranked player in the last 30 days. The rookie combo quarterback feasted in seven games without Shay Gilgeus-Alexander in the roster this season, averaging 19.6 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.1 triples and 1.9 steals on 54/36/72 shooting. The SGA deals with abdominal trauma and introduced health and safety protocols on Tuesday.

History tells us that this is the time of year when Thunder usually gives him a break anyway. The Thunder are only two games behind the 10th seed in the West, so there’s a chance OKC still has a decent playoff shot. But let’s be honest – which is better for the franchise: exiting a tournament early in the game with a potential mid-round pick, or another chance at a valuable asset at the top of the draft board? I’ll take the last one.

Jalen Williams is on track to win All-Rookie first team honors (he is fourth on the NBA rookie list) and showing his best basketball of the season at the perfect time for fantasy managers. In February, he averaged season-highs in points, rebounds, assists, 3:00 p.m., 3PT%, and steals per game. He is one of five rookies with at least 30 games this season who have shot better than 50% this season. (and one of the two guards – shout Christian Browntoo much).

He offers a little of everything and has 15 assists on three losses in his last two games. Yes, he’s real and I’m optimistic if he continues like this in the fantasy playoffs.


John Collins, PF/C, Atlanta Hawks

Current rating per game: 79

At this point, it would be better for everyone if he was traded on time. This season, he is losing in almost every offensive category and is steadily moving in the wrong direction at the most critical moment. He’s been ranked 130th in scoring per game over the past month, and the only reason he’s still in the top 150 is because his shots remain consistent. However, he put up a disappointing 11.4 points, 3.4 rebounds, 0.8 assists and 0.7 3 p.m. over nine games in February.

It won’t help, and even though he recently suffered a concussion and a strain in his lower back, I would like to relieve him now.

I know it’s too early for Quin Snyder to take over as head coach of the Hawks, and I don’t want to rush into it. too much many insights, but Trae Young Having seen a 42.7% usage rate in Tuesday’s loss to the Wizards, I fear the worst for Collins’ involvement moving forward.

Some players ranked below Collins for whom I would turn down some trade offers: Spencer Dinwiddie, Markell FultzJalen Williams, Kyle Anderson And Keegan Murray. His name still carries some weight, and while it may seem like a downgrade, all of the aforementioned players are doing better than Collins right now.

Boyan BogdanovcSF/PF, Detroit Pistons

Current rating per game: 104

You have the biggest selling moment right at your fingertips as Bogdanovich just scored 34 points (11-21 FG, 4-4 FT) as well as 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block, 1 steal and a season high. 8 triples in a loss to the Bulls on Wednesday night. The Pistons are widely known to be battling for the worst record in the league. There is no logic in playing a 34-year-old football player who works in a tank, plus he has Achilles pain (both legs) and Dwayne Casey from the Pistons. expressed a desire to follow his protocols.

It’s funny how Bogdanovich’s game was definitely not followed on Wednesday as he played with the team’s best 39, but the message is clear. The Pistons want to keep Boga’s competitive nature and allow him to play without restrictions. However, remember that they also made fun of any proposals closer to the deadline that didn’t include unprotected first round pick.

Bogdanovich has averaged the most points (21.6) and assists (2.6) per game for a year in his career, while shooting 49% from the field. By all accounts, the Pistons missed the opportunity to trade him for future draft equity and ultimately decided it was better to renew him through the 2024–25 season, making him an important part of their recovery. However, it doesn’t make sense to force him to play pointless basketball when there are younger players on the roster that the coaching staff can evaluate for the close of the season.

I may be wrong, but I don’t see a way that Bogdanovich’s workload hasn’t lessened as we get closer to the final weeks of the season. Do yourself a favor and move on now to avoid the headaches of missed games and fluctuating minutes in the future.


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