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Fantasy Basketball Trade Analyzer: Buy low on CJ McCollum now, be thankful later

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By Henry Weinberg, RotoWire

Special for Sportzshala Sports

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaching, it’s time to get into fantasy deals with friends and family. Never let your guard down. Take advantage of their gluttony or generosity.

Joking aside, let’s look at some interesting trends that are viable trading options.

Buy Cheap: CJ McCollum, Pelicans

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McCollum’s contributions and fantastic dividends have so far been underwhelming, but he’s starting to turn the corner. Despite an overall 41.0% shooting and 34.2% from 34.2% in 17 contests, McCollum has hit three-plus triples in four straight games.

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His shooting qualities are falling in all directions. Although a reproduction of his 2021-2022 volume in New Orleans has always been unlikely given the return Zion WilliamsonWilliamson’s presence in the line-up – often along with Jonas Valanciunas – can complicate McCollum’s aiming due to a smaller interval.

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McCollum was in the 97th percentile last season for crashing his spot-up attempts with New Orleans. With Portland, he finished in the 88th percentile. It is currently in the 25th percentile. It’s just too big a gap for such a polished veteran. Progression to the mean will occur and has probably already begun. McCollum easily leads the Pelicans with 34.9 minutes per game, his usage rate is in line with his career average, and his career shooting of 45.4/39.4/81.0 is a realistic expectation for the rest of the season.

Buy Cheap: Larry Nance, Pelicans

Staying in New Orleans, Nancy’s arrival would be a helpful factor for McCollum, as the peppy, more space-oriented big man gives the Pelicans a lot of creativity. Nance posted a superb 10.4 point difference on the court, second behind the Pelicans. Jose Alvarado and ranks 83rd in the league in terms of percentile.

Nancy dominates and versatility is underestimated. Ranked as a rebounder, passer and steal/block collector above average in his position (), he also hits a ridiculous 67.6% of his field goals. With 53.4% ​​career shots from the field, Nancy peaking in New Orleans’ top five offense is the current trajectory.

Nancy’s game time gradually increases. While he averaged 24.6 minutes per game in November, he played 27 minutes six times. Nancy is a weapon that can row. From night to night it is trending as a better option than Valanciunas. While there are undoubtedly fluctuations here, this establishes its buy status at a low price. Nance is a worthy addition to trading and should be included in the list of standard leagues.

Buy cheap: Nikola Vucevic, Bulls

Vucevic has not scored more than 14 points in any of his last four fights. His 15.5 points per game is his lowest since 2016, while his utilization rate and 12.3 shots per game are the lowest since 2013.

Struggling to finish under the rim, Vučević could have simply declined during his 32-year season. In addition, the Bulls’ roster lacks pressure under the rim, so Vucevic doesn’t benefit from others breaking down the defense. Chicago ranks 25th in points for possession on shots.

However, Vucevic has merit in the fantasy realm. His floor is high due to elite and steady rebounds. He leads the league with a 31.1 defensive rebounding percentage. Also, his 3-point clip is bouncing back. Vucevic hits 37.7% of his 4.4 triples per game, closer to his career high of 35.0% than his 31.4% from deep last season.

It’s hard to say how much Vucevic will improve over time, but his recent performance makes him a very suitable candidate.

Go after Bulls center Nikola Vucevic as a low-price fantasy target.
Go after Bulls center Nikola Vucevic as a low-cost trade candidate in fantasy basketball. (Photo by Michael Reeves/Getty Images)

Sell ​​High: De’Anthony Melton, 76ers

Melton recorded strong performances in a row, taking a prominent role with James Harden (dislocation of the foot) and Tyrese Maxi (fractured foot) both outwards. Melton is a versatile player backed by stealing prowess and a solid 3-pointer.

However, Melton is unlikely to be a fantastic asset/breakthrough for the entire season outside of his current form. However, with 2-3 weeks before the return of Harden and Maxi, Melton has a significant production window to offer. Even if he plays well, don’t get attached. If you’re able to do that, you won’t regret trading it in for a more useful fantasy playoff entrant.

Sell ​​High: PJ Washington, Hornets

involving Washington begin around the NBA. With Charlotte far from a playoff spot and in limbo in terms of salary cap, Washington is a very logical candidate for a trade. While the deal is likely to close closer to the February trading deadline, if there is an opportunity to capitalize on Washington’s value, it’s worth considering.

Washington is averaging 15.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1.6 steals/block per game in 18 contests this season. However, his shots were poor, with the 24-year-old only converting 42.9% of field goals and 32.0% of triples. Both of those scores are the worst for Washington in his career, but he is getting more attention on defense than ever, playing a major role in his career. Another factor: Lamelo Ball (ankle) trying to stay healthy has robbed Washington of much of the gravitational force that normally plays around him. Washington has five 20+-point fights, two of which have come with Ball, who has only played three games this season.

I like Washington’s game. The extra pressure to create for himself will eventually make him a better basketball player. However, this is a difficult place in fantasy. If Charlotte deals with Washington, I think its volume will decrease, but its effectiveness will increase. Relying on a trade candidate is difficult because the destination is a wild card that puts Washington on the sell list for me.


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