Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Deep-league adds to prioritize

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Not much has changed since last week’s Fantasy Quitting article, which focused on who to pick up for stretching. This week’s column focuses on the deeper formats, or at least the players that remain available in most leagues. In fact, all five of the players I’m recommending this week come from no more than one out of every four leagues. So, unless you’re in the big leagues, someone I suggested should be available to take.

Victor Oladipo, Miami Heat (25% of participants)

Oladipo is set to return to the lineup against Milwaukee on Friday after missing seven straight games with an ankle injury before the All-Star break. His field goal percentage (40.4% from the field) was not easy. Still, Oladipo delivers solid stats, averaging 11.2 points, 3.9 dimes, 3.5 boards, 1.7 steals and 1.4 trips in 28.4 minutes in 26 games this season.

WITH Kyle Lowry (knee) suspended indefinitely, Oladipo will likely continue to earn enough offside time in a perfect role where he manages the show for the second line and initiates the offense with the ball. Plus, Miami has four games next week, so Oladipo is at least an attractive short-term addition.

Devonte Graham, San Antonio Spurs (24% of participants)

Three Jones (ft) has missed seven of his last eight games and the All-Star break hasn’t given him enough time to recover. Meanwhile, in his first five games with the Spurs, Graham recorded 14.4 points, 4.8 assists, 2.8 triples, 2.2 rebounds and 1.0 steals in 27.9 minutes. Graham has struggled off the field and may not be worth including in the leagues to emphasize efficiency, but he deserves attention in the leagues on points until Jones returns, especially since San Antonio has a four-game week on the horizon.

Josh Richardson, New Orleans Pelicans (22% of attendees)

Small sample size warning! In his first three games with New Orleans, Richardson averaged 9.7 points, 3.3 steals, 2.7 rebounds, 2.7 dimes, 1.0 triples and 1.0 blocks in 27.3 minutes. . The veteran wing has also been replaced Trey Murphy III in the team’s starting lineup on Thursday and continued to wreak havoc defensively.

Richardson’s percentage of the roster rose rapidly not too long ago due to several injuries to former teammates in San Antonio, but the general assumption was that his imagination value would drop significantly once he moved from a relatively small, basement-dwelling team. Spurs in deep, the Pelicans Club fighting for the playoffs. While he has no intention of continuing to average shares at 4.3 going forward, Richardson should probably be barred from giving up on most formats.

Caleb Martin, Miami Heat (15% of participants)

Over the past 10 games, Martin is averaging 10.8 points on 48.8% shooting, 7.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.1 triples, 1.0 steals and 0.6 blocks in 28.6 minutes. . While he’s more suited to deep league play, Martin’s all-round stats have some value in most formats. His percentage of the roster dropped significantly (-8% on the final day), likely due to signing with the Heat. Kevin Love. However, I don’t expect Love to cut Martin’s time much, if at all. So, even if it’s just a week-long streamer, it’s worth considering Martin seriously.

Jaylene Williams, Oklahoma City Thunder (10% of participants)

Williams has had some impressive performances lately, including losing 14 points, 7 rebounds, 7 dimes, two trebles and two steals in 31 minutes in a victory over the Lakers a few weeks ago. He has averaged 8.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.6 triples, 0.5 steals and 0.4 blocks in 21.1 minutes over the last 10 contests. What’s more, he appears to be playing a difficult role, earning at least 26 minutes in three of his last five matches. At the very least, Williams is making an intriguing speculative addition, though something tells me he’ll soon be playing in more than one league in every ten.

Recent references: Kevon Looney, Kenyon Martin Jr., Kyle Anderson, Donte Di Vincenzo, Jeremy Sochan, Danny Avdiah, Talen Horton-Tucker, Malachi Branham, Matisse Tibull, Delon Wright, Eric Gordon.


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