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Fantasy Basketball Week 6 Waiver Wire: Cameron Payne, Aleksej Pokusevski, Seth Curry among the targets

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Welcome back to the wire. There is another strong pool of candidates this week, mixing new and recurring names.

What to expect next week – The NBA is closed for Thanksgiving, which means Wednesday (12 games) and Friday (14 games) will be packed. Streaming is not possible these days, so it’s time to keep the guys on the bench while you get two extra games with info on them. It also means that getting rejected doesn’t actually add any value these days. On the face of it, a two-game week between the Raptors and the Rockets could hurt the value of potential pickups. However, 22 teams play both Wednesday and Friday, while Toronto and Houston only play one of those days, and both teams are on Saturday’s easy 4-game list. They actually have more value in daily league rosters than the Bulls, Pelicans, and Wizards, whose three games are hectic nights.

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As always, the players in this article must be registered in less than two-thirds of the CBS leagues. The players are listed in the order I recommend adding them, as long as they are equally good for your team.

Adds for all leagues

Cameron Payne, Suns (48% members)

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The Suns are incredibly annoying when it comes to Chris Paul (heel) injury. They continue to consider him questionable before every game, but later eliminate him. This treatment gives the impression that Paul is constantly close to returning, but he has missed four games and there has been no official indication that he will return to the game. Payne should always start in any league when Paul is out. He averages 21-4-6 with a whopping 4.0 triples in 33.5 minutes with Paul on the sidelines.

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Payne is dropped as soon as Paul returns, whenever that is. But even if you only get one or two games out of it, it’s worth the pickup.

Alexey Pokusevsky, Grom (70% of participants)

Pokusevski technically topped the 67% mark yesterday, but he’s more widely available outside of CBS platforms and his inclusion means a full 180 to me, so I want to give him special attention.

For the first two seasons, my attitude towards Pokusevski was the same as towards Raptors forward Chris Boucher: “Let him be someone’s problem. Good games are too rare and too random.” Poku still suffers from disappointing night-to-night variability, but the calculation has changed. He gets more minutes, gets tons of blocks, and scores more consistently.

Seth Curry, Nets (38% of participants)

Despite his last two games, I remain convinced that Curry is a valuable player in all leagues for the remainder of the season. Curry’s last two games were uncharacteristically terrible, and the two before that were incredibly good, so let’s focus on what we’ve seen and what needs to be continued. Hot or cold, Curry played the same number of minutes in all four games, averaging 25.8 minutes over that stretch. His rebounds and assists were consistent and in line with career averages of 2.5 rebounds and 2.0 assists. This is probably a reasonable approximation of what to expect, even after Kyrie Irving (suspended) returns to the roster.

Mason Plumlee, Hornets (63% of participants)

Say hello to Plumlee, who refuses to fade into fantasy. At 32, he’s one step ahead to have one of his best fantasy seasons. He has gotten better as a passer with age and has an impressive 4.0 assists per game in his first month. Add that to his nearly double-doubles on fantastic field goals and you have a solid pickup.

Herbert Jones, Pelicans (61% of participants)

I will continue to list it here as long as it meets the requirements. The sophomore rookie has had a tough week, but is a constant presence in the Pelicans’ rotation and is usually a great source of steal.

Marvin Bagley, Pistons (48% of players)

Bagley made his season debut last week with a very mixed record. First, good news. Bagley came into the starting lineup in just the second game (before Isaiah Stewart got injured) and played 29 minutes. In his debut, he blocked two shots and scored 15 points in his second game. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad news. He fought for the boards in his first two games. In Game 3, his minutes were limited as he struggled with the game. The former No. 2 overall still has a lot of upside potential, but make no mistake – this is a speculative addition. Bagleys will likely drain your roster in the short term.

Isaiah Jackson, Pacers (35% of members)

Speaking of hiding places upstairs. After being a trendy mid- to late-round pick in preseason, Jackson has been dropped widely and is now available in nearly two-thirds of the leagues. Most of the time I think this is a bug. Jackson’s height is monumental – much higher than Bagley’s. Bagley is listed first because he has an easier-to-manage timeline and decision tree. We hold a negative asset with Bagley for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. At this point, either his performance has improved enough that he no longer hurts, or we will be able to fall confidently. We know exactly what we want from Jackson – the trade of Miles Turner. If that happens, Jackson could very well be in the top 50 players. But that might be in three months. And a possible Turner deal is incredibly likely. But until then, Jackson’s low workload is hard to keep up with, even if he’s a minute-by-minute dynamo. Not every squad has a place where they can keep Jackson, but I keep him everywhere I can.

Other recommendations: Sure, Chris Boucher, I think so far the Raptors (61% of participants); Reggie Jackson, Clippers (39% of participants); Grant Williams, Celtics (28% of participants); Malik Beasley, jazz (composed of 49%); Cam Reddish, Nicks (22% of participants); Bruce Brown, Nuggets (35% of participants); Denis Avdia, Wizards (22% of participants)

Deep League Special

Marjohn Beauchamp, Bucks (4% of participants)

Beauchamp is getting extra minutes as the Bucks deal with the wave of injuries, but there’s some slowly building hype that he’ll be able to keep a bigger role even as the team recovers. Beauchamp fits into the niche the Bucks have been looking for for their bench for years, as they have rotated wings like Donte Di Vincenzo, Grayson Allen and Wesley Matthews, all of whom have struggled to stay healthy. Statistically, we still don’t know who Beauchamp will be, as the 22-year-old rookie has only played 208 minutes in the NBA. But he had two games with at least 19 points and eight rebounds and showed a willingness to shoot from three.

Other recommendations: Yuta Watanabe, Grids (3% roast)


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