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Fantasy Football Bust Candidates: Alvin Kamara leads Week 12’s potential disappointments

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Editor’s noteA: The players listed below are NFL stars who have been drafted in almost every Sportzshala Fantasy league. However, this column is not an endorsement of leaving them at week 12. You control your composition; every league size and shape is different. We are trying to explain what expectations should be lowered this week compared to usual for some of the NFL’s biggest stars. In addition to studying this week’s matches, it can also serve as a reminder to not overreact if one of your draft picks disappoints in Week 12.

Alvin Camara @ San Francisco 49ers

Camara has averaged just 12.0 touches in his last three games, including zero opportunities at the 10-yard line. He has yet to score a touchdown on the road this season. He will now travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers defense, allowing the running backs to have the second-most fantastic points this season. They did not let the one running back reach 60 yards (or 50+ receiving yards) in play this season. The SF also succumbed to an NFL-low YPC of 3.4 – the next lowest is 3.8. That helps explain why the rival 49ers have a 70.5% passing success rate in the NFL this year at Levi’s Stadium.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Camara, 41, takes a risk this Sunday
In week 12, Alvin Kamara has a tough sledging fantasy ahead of him. (Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
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New Orleans is facing multiple injuries along its offensive line, while San Francisco’s defense is trailing the second-lowest yards per game this season (and just 4.2 yards in the past three weeks). You don’t put Kamara on the bench, but he’s not very strong in DFS this week and is likely to have another finish outside of the RB top 20.

D’Onta Foreman vs. D’Onta Foreman Denver Broncos

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Foreman has definitely impressed at times since. Christian McCaffrey was sold, but most of his output came in two games against the Falcons.. Foreman also saw only one-third of the shots after last week’s first quarter, when Chuba Hubbard played more. The Panthers are getting a tough Broncos defense this week, putting them in third place for the fewest yards and points per game this season. Opponents from Denver are the fourth-lowest-scoring team and this game has one of the lowest under/unders (36.0) of the entire season. The Carolina attack is in such trouble that they willingly turn to Sam Darnold.

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Depending on your options, this week Foreman will be a bench candidate.

David Montgomery @ New York Jets

Montgomery put on a strong fantasy performance and, as expected, acted as Chicago’s workhorse. Khalil Herbert last week, but on Sunday he gets a much tougher defense. The Jets are behind the fourth-most yards per game this season and are only getting better. Furthermore, Justin Fields either miss this game or be compromised during the game with a painful (non-throwing) shoulder injury (his spare Trevor Simian).

Perhaps Montgomery will get more carries due to Fields’ injury, but Chicago’s offense will suffer either way. In fact, this game has a low overall score (39.5 points) despite having one of the worst defenses in the league (the Bears have one of the lowest estimated team totals this week). Moderate expectations from Montgomery.

Greg Dulcic @ Carolina Panthers

Dulcic helped in an ugly fantasy tight position but its production was greatly boosted by a couple of busted reports. The rookie is also saddled with the Broncos’ lowest-per-game average offense and leads a quarterback who at a pace to score fewer touchdowns than the number of bathrooms in his house.

Russell Wilson especially struggled with targeting TE and RB this season and worst in the league TD% in the red zonebut at least he will $55.4 million limit reached in 2025, when he will be 37 years old.

The Panthers’ rivals are sixth in scoring this season. Sam Darnold unlikely to bring many points against the Broncos defense. Dulcic’s projected usage should be much lower this week in a matchup with a dismal 36.0 overall.

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