Fantasy Football: Every NFL team’s passing-game situation heading into Week 10


A couple of weeks ago we checked out all the NFL backfields for fantastic purposes. Today, let’s use the same approach for 32 passing games.

Arizona Cardinals

Sometimes Kyler Murray plays like he’s never been coached, but working with Cliff Kingsbury can be the same. At least the walkthrough game offers three playable pass catchers in DeAndre Hopkins (ADP monster win), Zach Ertz as well as Rondale Moore. The Cardinals are the only club not to play a pass over 40 yards, and they are in last place in the YPA. There is nothing easy here.

Atlanta Falcons

The falcons run to set up a run and can’t seem to unlock Drake London as well as Kyle Pitts. This is especially frustrating in the case of Pitts as he remains a matchup nightmare and appears to be open on multiple routes per game. But the Falcons know they can potentially win the weak NFC South by playing ground and pound, so they have little incentive to change.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar JacksonPassing numbers are ubiquitous, but considering how injury-riddled the Ravens are, you can’t really blame him. Baltimore has three wins with Jackson throwing for 174 yards or less; we’d better get used to it. Ravens must rule Isaiah Probably for a permanent hybrid role; that’s where it’s really needed.

Buffalo Bills

Despite all the sunshine thrown at these guys, beating the game gave us only two solid options – Josh Allen as well as Stephon Diggs. Gabe Davis is the king of booms or busts in the most volatile fantasy position, and Isaiah Mackenzie as well as Dawson Knox do not offer enough projected volume. Now we need to take care of Allen’s health.

Carolina Panthers

For two weeks it looked like this PJ Walker can save dj moore, but then everything collapsed in Cincinnati. Week 10 will tell us a lot. Terrace Marshallthe last two games show that he belongs to this league.

DJ Moore #2 of the Carolina Panthers has a fluctuating fantasy value.
Just when we thought DJ Moore’s fantastic value had settled… (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Chicago bears

Justin Fields makes flashy films and writes with his feet (which makes for great fantasy ground), but the Bears also call for imaginative and active fleeting play. This development encourages Darnell Mooney return to the Circle of Trust and Cole Kmet close to TE12 cut. Chase Claypool he might need some time on board, but he was a great addition for a receptionist desperate for secondary options.

Cincinnati Bengals

If a Ja’Marr Chase may return soon, this is the team that can still win the Super Bowl. Joe BurrowPocket awareness took a step back after losing to Cleveland, but for the most part, he was confident — and the line was fine — after two nightmarish games earlier in the year. Tyler Boyd as well as Hayden Hurst won’t go down as a league winner, but sometimes it’s nice to get a modest profit from your guys with ADP depth. They are helpful.

Cleveland Browns

Deshawn Watson can start training next week and he’ll be immediately promoted to starter in week 13 (and that’s in Houston; karma police laugh). Amari Cooper was sharp most of the year, and David Njoku insists he won’t need the full five weeks of rehab after the injury. Donovan Peoples-Jones was a convenient parting routine.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Pollard was a highlight two weeks ago, but it was also vintage Duck Prescott the game. Dalton Schultz every week looks a little sharper; I can’t wait to see what he can do after the ninth week. We desperately need playable tight ends.

Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson played better in London, so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Greg Dulcic scored in all three starts, but Courtland Sutton is in 6-50-0 funk over the same period. maybe Jerry Judy a better fit for Wilson’s player at the moment.

Detroit Lions

The Lion Carnival has been suspended for several weeks, but Amon-Ra Saint Brown as well as D’Andre Swift injuries had a lot to do with it. Detroit may not be in the top 10 offense, but these guys can at least hit back most weeks. It’s a losing team, but there’s still a sense of observation here.

Amon-Ra St. Brown #14 Detroit Lions
The Sun God still helps entertain the Lions. (Photo by Ray Del Rio/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers

Allen Lazard useful player, but Aaron Rogers does not trust any of his other options in the grassroots field. Sometimes there is simply no monster under the bed. Rodgers has never finished below QB9 in any full season, but he is now QB16. You have my permission to dump him if you find another quarterback you can trust.

Houston Texans

I thought Davis Mills may be respectable this year, but it’s not. Brandin Cooks miserable and underused, and Nico Collins torpedoed by injuries. There is nothing to see here.

Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan deserved his place on the bench – even if the Colts probably did it for financial reasons – but Sam Elinger looks worse. Until we see the “show me” game, everyone in this passing game belongs on the fantasy bench, if not on the rejection wire. Michael PittmanYou are breaking my heart.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence showed some positive signs last week (he also avoided layoffs all year), and Christian Kirk will always be the first reading. I’m stunned that Jaguars don’t use Travis Etienne actively in the passage of the game; perhaps this week’s game in Kansas City will make a difference.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is my 1st half MVP, doing magical things on a weekly basis despite taking a small step back from Travis Kelsey and a good-not-great receptionist. Kadarius Tony trade attracted a lot of attention, but Mekole Hardman chose the perfect time to turn on the light. Hardman is finally the movable blueprint toy that the Chiefs envisioned when they created him.

No. 17 Mekole Hardman with the Kansas City Chiefs
Mecole Hardman shows up at the perfect time. (Photo by David Yulitt/Getty Images)

Las Vegas Raiders

Let’s be honest Davante Adams He is a fantastic first round pick who plays like a second round player. He’s still a trustworthy WR7 in standard scoring, so just a bit of a disappointment. Adams threw Josh McDaniels under a bus after a second-half flop last week; it will be interesting to see how McDaniels reacts to the criticism. Darren Waller as well as Hunter Renfroe were complete fantastic bricks, partly due to injuries.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have an amazing passing schedule, but do they have enough healthy playmakers to take advantage? It was a slow advance, even if everyone was healthy; now it is a herd of turtles. It is not your fault, Justin Herbert. It is not your fault.

Los Angeles Rams

cooper coup it’s still a delight, but otherwise this crime looks broken. Matthew Stafford probably unhealthy and he doesn’t seem to trust his line of attack or his secondary capabilities. Sean McVeigh will never say this publicly, but I suspect he regrets not taking a break from last year’s championship.

Miami Dolphins

I don’t think Tua Tagovailoa superstar, but he’s definitely good enough – and Tyreke Hill as well as Jaylen Waddle always open. This 8.6 YPA is great. Splashes draw attention at highlights, but Hill and Waddle can run everything on the route tree. Miami has a tough playthrough schedule, but with these three amigos, I’m not sure it matters. Mike Gesicki should have been sold; it does not correspond to what the crime needs.

Minnesota Vikings

Lost in Minnesota’s glorious track record is the fact that Kirk Cousins he’s having his worst season since becoming an NFL player. But give credit to the Vikings for booting T. J. Hockenson immediately. Adam Thielenvolume and efficiency continues to flow slowly out of the balloon; he badly needs landing deodorant to stay relevant in the fantasies.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick is probably in his glory piloting an anonymous blue-collar team that wins games by stealth. Alas, crime does its best to cope Mac Jones‘ restrictions. Jacob Meyers it’s a weird WR3/4 for fantasy and that’s all she wrote.

New Orleans Saints

Just when it looked Andy Dalton settled down, he throws a grudge against Baltimore. May be Jamis Winston could have been more fun with this attack, twists to the side. Chris Olav should probably hit a few more touchdowns, but he didn’t have a losing game all year. His future side is the moon.

Chris Olav #12 of New Orleans Saints
Chris Olav looks like the right answer to a rookie receiver. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

New York Giants

We don’t ask for too much Daniel Joneswe just want some quick juice. And at least Van’Dale Robinson as well as Darius Slayton they can be played during goodbye crunch. Otherwise, this Saquon Barkley show.

New York Jets

The Jets are playing their obvious line-up – trust the hideous emerging defense, hide the quarterback. But Garrett Wilson so talented I guess Zach Wilson I can’t sink it. Unfortunately, this is as deep as we go with this passing game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last year Jalen Hurts was a miracle man of the fourth quarter, a real Hero of Garbage Time. His scoring tends to start earlier this year as the Eagles regularly take off the gas in the second half. Still, no one feels sorry for Hurts, who threw at three royalists (AJ Brown, Dallas Godert, DeVonta Smith). Throw in Hurts’ goal line shots and he’s the go-to answer in 2022 as a quarterback.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pat Freiermuth has an interesting sleeping value now that Chase Claypool is gone; most of Claypool’s route tree can go to Fryermouth. We still have no idea if Kenny Pickett can play and Dionte Johnson was a target compiler with empty calories for a while.

San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo it’s been a whole floor for a month and hasn’t grown, but now that the Niners have a full complement of healthy players, maybe Jimmy G can step up. However, the Nines realize their bread is buttered thanks to their powerful running game and menacing defense. It won’t be a film crew. At least the schedule for the last two months is favorable.

Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith not just comeback player of the year, he deserves the downgraded MVP title…