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Fantasy Football: Every NFL team’s running back situation heading into Week 8

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We’ve booked seven weeks of fantasy football, as well as all sorts of turmoil and surprises in the running back position. Time for State of the Backfield address for all 32 commands.

Arizona Cardinals

Last year James Connor dined on landing deodorant; this year, the efficiency is worse, and there are fewer touchdowns. One Benjamin works best as a committee quarterback, but he’s probably the best quarterback on this team. Kyler Murray worked more actively during the last month.

Atlanta Falcons

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The Falcons run to get ready for the run, and before you criticize Arthur Smith for that, every major ballman here gets 4.1 YPC or higher. Cordarrell Patterson could be one of the top dozen defenders in the second half if he can come back 100 percent healthy.

Baltimore Ravens

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Gus Edwards was just the head of a committee of three on his return, but he got a job on the goal line and switched sides, which always means circle of trust privileges. Crows rarely throw them in the back, and Edwards has a low ceiling as a catcher; a good time to study an outgoing trade.

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Quiet, Lamar Jackson he has only three touchdowns in the last four weeks – three passes, zero rushes. He has more chances to score from the breakaway than from the goal line.

Buffalo Bills

There is a steady trend with Devin Singletery; Billy leans heavily on him in close games and tends to limit him in breakouts. If you can accurately project Buffalo’s gameplay, you have the Singletary key. James Cook makes more sense than Zach Moss if you are looking for a stash here.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina looked like a professional foul in a shocking victory over the Pirates; this is progress. Chuba Hubbard was close to becoming the head of the committee, but was slightly injured in the second half; if Hubbard and D’Onta Foreman both are healthy, I prefer Hubbard a little. However, we will still talk about the attack of the top five.

Chicago Bears

They’re just as loaded as everyone else, partly for protection. Justin Fields, and in part to address the frustrating Fields bag problem. Chicago hasn’t thrown for 210 yards in any game yet, and the team is almost competitive at 3-4, so nothing’s going to change. Khalil Herbert as well as David Montgomery do their own version of the Pollard and Zeke show—Herbert does more cutscenes, but Montgomery has a safer volume. Due to the attacking form of the team, you might consider launching both of them in the coming weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals

Although the line began to play better, Joe Mixonthe fantastic value is mostly supported by a very narrow usage tree. He is also on track for some of the best receptions of his career despite a typical 5.1 yards per goal. Mixon will be the player I avoid in 2023 starting in his seventh year, but projected volume should save him before the end of this season.

Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb still the most automatic five-yarder in the league, but Karim Hunt was disappointing and D’Ernest Johnson I can’t get on the field. The Browns should take this opportunity to trade one of their non-starting guards.

Whichever summer ticket you use on Chubb, you have returned the profit and must continue to do so.

Running back Nick Chubb #24 of the Cleveland Browns is a fantasy star.
This season, Nick Chubb was a true fantasy star. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys

Although Tony Pollardefficiency keeps jumping off the screen and off the spreadsheet, maybe the Cowboys are being smart about letting Ezekiel Elliott deal with heavy pitches and then let Pollard come in with his hair on fire. This scenario may change in the 8th week, with undetermined Elliott status due to knee and hip injuries. However, when Elliot is healthy, he is not going anywhere, and despite the loss of LT Tyrone Smith and a bunch of games without Duck Prescottthe line of attack was stable.

Denver Broncos

I would like this team to cancel the season or move to the CFL. Denver gets a fifth island game in week 8, to anyone’s delight. Javonte Williams a semi-breakthrough season was probably approaching, but that was long past. Latavius ​​Murray around to mess things up while Melvin Gordon struggling to find daylight. I cannot recommend any runners here in advance.

Detroit Lions

The offensive line is one of the best links in football, but injuries D’Andre Swift as well as Amon-Ra Saint Brown hurt Detroit’s octane rating. Jamal Williams it’s a comfortable #2 rear end, but it’s not ideal for a kickoff gig. Every running back is injury-related, but Swift feels more vulnerable than others.

Green Bay Packers

Some weeks they show Aaron Jones and some weeks they don’t. Secondary indicators suggest that this is just a common violation, but not a bad one. AJ Dillon was considered separately in the summer, but his role turned out to be much smaller than expected.

Houston Texans

Dameon Pierce had to wait a week, but he was a faithful cow in this backfield, shoving Rex Burkhead not on the way. And Houston isn’t really a punching bag, so Pierce gets projected weekly volume. He may not have a league win, but Pierce is one of the few correct answers in the most confusing position.

Indianapolis Colts

The running game fell apart, between Jonathan Taylortrauma and Matt Ryancrash. New QB Sam Elinger it was interesting in the summer – moving past Nick Falls on the depth chart – but it also works without a floor. Perhaps the Colts are closer to a complete overhaul than they are to the playoffs. Taylor is probably standing like a forced fantasy right now.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Travis Etienne was pretty obvious as a wait delay, though it’s not designed to be a traditional cowbell. Look for Jaguar to look for minor touches elsewhere, be it from JaMikal Hastie or Snoop Conner. Don’t get me wrong, Etienne’s managers must be thrilled. But he might just be a high-end or average RB2, not someone who constantly threatens the top 10.

Kansas City Chiefs

This offense uses more shots than most and uses a committee of three defenders, so Isaiah Pacheco in the seventh week, we were mostly teased. And remember, Pacheco barely catches the ball—only two catches a year. Have fun playing “hit the mole” with these backs; sometimes there are no right answers, even if hurt is otherwise pleasurable.

Las Vegas Raiders

Josh Jacobs picked the perfect time for a career year right after the Raiders dropped his fifth-year option. He is also on pace for his best receiving season, protecting him from all game scenarios. No one else on the list poses a threat to his playing time. Wheels up.

Los Angeles Chargers

Austin Thanks. enjoys the life of a bell cow, leading all runners in tally, catches, yards and touchdowns. In addition to his offensive role, wide receivers were riddled with injuries and the Chargers found no reliable reserve for Ekeler. At the moment, he is perhaps the biggest hit in the first round.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are last in rush attempts and second to last in yards per carry, as both Cam Akers as well as Darrell Henderson struggled to find lanes. Akers is in perpetual neglect and could be cut or sold next week. Los Angeles got the bye at the perfect time, but San Francisco has controlled this streak in recent weeks, so Week 8 is unlikely to be Henderson’s game. At the moment it is a budget RB2 or a top-end RB3, nothing more.

Miami Dolphins

I went for the money and took some available Chase Edmonds in drafts but it was sent Raheem Mostert pretty fast. Edmonds currently only has insurance value, nothing more. In the last four games, Mostert has played about 70% of snaps; as long as he’s healthy, there’s a floor here.

Minnesota Vikings

Alexander Mattison was overrated for a while, and his short playtime didn’t make much of a difference (3.2 YPC). I understand why most Dalvin Cook Managers view Mattison as a must-have insurance, but they simply understand that these players have completely different levels. Early in his career, Cooke was an active participant in the passing game, but that has all but disappeared now.

New England Patriots

The Patriots hardly used Damian Harris in his first game back; I would like to think what it means Ramondra Stevenson runs this rear now, but New England will never tell us anything. However, Stevenson is a much better receiver, isolating him from any potential problems with the game script. It’s not that Harris is a bad player, it’s just that Stevenson is younger and more talented.

Ramondre Stevenson #38 of the New England Patriots
Ramondre Stevenson should lead the Patriot rear, but will he? (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

New Orleans Saints

Alvin Camara somehow has zero touchdowns on 101 touches, which is a pretty neat trick. But given that Taysome Hill is the best short-yard hitter on the team, and Kamara has a modest touchdown record. Kamara’s game is more suitable for Andy Daltonno matter how depressing it may sound.

New York Giants

Saquon Barkley is healthy and the line is better, but not as bad as last year. Daniel Jones also plays well, but his receptionist is a joke. Brian Daball knows what he’s doing. Only an injury could keep Barkley from league-winning status.

New York Jets

Michael Carter good enough to be a small committee leader, but the Jets were smart enough to add James Robinson as a partner. All receivers sunk Zach Wilsonbut the Jets’ underrated defense will keep Carter and Robinson relevant for most of the weeks.

Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders pays off with a landing regression, even if Jalen Hurts remains here the most automatic sprinter. The Eagles offensive line is an unstoppable monster. Substitutes after Sanders almost did not see the field.

Pittsburgh Steelers

volume propped up Naji Harris for most of 2021, but it’s not the same year anymore – and the offensive infrastructure could be worse. If Harris ever miraculously puts on a 100-yard touchdown play, try to trade him immediately…


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