Fantasy Football Lessons Learned: Quarterbacks

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Matt Harmon and Scott Pianovski talk about the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks of the 2022 NFL season and the lessons they’ve learned along the way that will shape their fantasy football drafts in 2023.

The guys are talking about the steep drop that has been between the top 4 fantasy QBs this season and everyone else, making an argument against the popular “Late Round QB” strategy. They also discuss fast QBs and whether they are worth the risk of injury to get fantastic value from them.

The best fantasy quarterback this season was Patrick Mahomes, and most of the lessons learned have to do with the fact that no other quarterback can match him. However, there was a lot to learn from guys like Josh Allen (high floor), Jalen Hurts (talent influx helps), Geno Smith (we should have seen it), Trevor Lawrence (coaching questions) and many more.

02:15 QB at the end of the round?

04:20 A steep cliff in QB in 2022

10:40 Quick QB

15:10 Patrick Mahomes

23:00 Josh Allen

26:50 Jalen Hurts

32:00 QB aging curve

44:00 Joe Burrow

46:15 Gino Smith

50:45 Justin Fields

54:15 Kirk Cousins

55:45 Trevor Lawrence

58:40Daniel Jones

61:10 Jared Goff

63:25 Who should be QB in San Francisco?

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