Fantasy Football: Thanksgiving breakdown for Bills-Lions, Giants-Cowboys and Patriots-Vikings

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The Thanksgiving board is here. I have good food and football for the day, but I couldn’t help myself and made up some daily fantasy lineups. In addition, we all have more teams for the season. So this week I took a different approach. I have major storylines and points of interest for every Thursday game.

In addition, I will throw out a couple of players that I focus on based on matchups. In any case, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Now let’s get down to business.

Lions accounts – So you’re saying there’s a chance?

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Oh no. Not really.

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Looking back, I see 20/20 as a team with Justin Jefferson as well as Dalvin Cook beat Bills. it took some magicbut I imagined a competitive game.

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I don’t see anything like this in this competition. But if I had any hope for the Lions, it would have to do with the Bills’ passing game:

Buffalo had a slow start to Week 11 but ended up overtaking Cleveland. However, Josh AllenThe UCL injury doesn’t leave me. His touchdown roll Stephon Diggs it took him too much strength to get there. Of course, it’s only one game and Allen is probably off balance. But his 27 attempts (the second-lowest of the season) were another sign that something had changed in the Bills offense.

Bills pass faster than expectations for fantasy.  (Data provided by nflfastr)
Bills pass faster than expectations for fantasy. (Data provided by nflfastr)

Allen this season second most crossed above expected (PROE). Yet he had fewer dropbacks and just two calculated runs against the Browns. Devin Singletery reached the high of the season in swift attempts. I, like most western New Yorkers, will be following the Bills’ game plan as it unfolds against Detroit. Allen drop the brace for their passage on tuesdaybut it is unclear if he will play without it on Thanksgiving.

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If the elbow is still a problem, Dawson Knox this is a great option for Thursday’s list. Allen’s average target depth of 8.3 (aDOT) hasn’t been this low since week 6. As a result, Knox led the team with a 28.0 percent target per route (TPRR) mark. Diggs and Gabriel Davis were still the first in the share of the target or the air yard, so they will be all right.

The planes and the Vikings (to some extent) could retreat to the defense to contain the Buffalo weapons. Detroit doesn’t have that luxury. They have allowed the quarterbacks to finish in the top five in three of their last four games. Unless Allen stumbles (he regresses into shots from the middle of the field), we need to see what the Lions offense can do to keep up. Detroit has a chance to make a fuss as the Bills defense is no longer what it was at the beginning of the season.

Amon-Ra Saint Brown already in your starting lineup. If you like, you can throw a dart at Caliph Raymondthe target share is 17.0%. But I will make arguments in favor of D’Andre Swift.

Beginning in Week 6, Buffalo allowed sixth in runs of 10 yards or more. Swift can still go out into the openbut him real-time decision making there was a problem. So it’s not an injury keeping him in rotation with Justin Jackson as well as Jamal Williams dancing in the end zone. He needs to improve his skills as a rusher. However, with the Bills ranked 18th in rushing scoring, Detroit must look to their most explosive option in the running game to keep the offense on track.

Short-armed giants head south to meet tall cowboys

Fantasy analysts may brush aside Duck PrescottSuccess after recovery from injury. He was in the top 12 but needed to score quickly to win in week eight.

Ted gives a great analysis Tony PollardTouchdown caught against Minnesota. This is one play, but it highlights how effective Prescott was. And his ability to execute is part of why we haven’t seen him light up the glasses:

Defender performance, 2022
Defender performance, 2022. (Photo site

It’s good if you see your quarterback’s name next to Patrick Mahomes or Tua Tagovailoa. And Prescott is up there with the best of them. He ranks in the top 5 in EPA per game and CPOE, while Dallas operates with a balanced running attack (-2% PROE). But Dak doesn’t have an alien arm like Mahomes or the Tagovailoa duo. I give credit to Dallas’s Kellen Moore for making it easy for his quarterback.

Cowboys has been ranked sixth in terms of in-game action since week seven. And it’s no surprise that Prescott ranks sixth in the EPA in terms of game action attempts. As with his pass to Pollard above, his combination of precise accuracy and touch can turn an effective concept into an explosive result.

In spite of, CD Lamb still remains a target player in all formats. The inside wide receivers pierced the Giants’ defense for 71 yards per game. The St. Browns just marked them with a 7-76-0 record on eight targets on Sunday. Tyler Lockett (8-63-1) and Christian Kirk (10-96-0) had posted similar results in previous weeks.

The match lends itself to a week of boom for Lamb, but the playing environment may end up keeping his performance in check.

My eyes will be on how much playthrough we will actually see. The Cowboys are 9.5 favorites and we know it. Jerry Jones feelings for Ezekiel Elliott. Pollard’s 21 touches on Sunday may have been the changing of the guard. But still, we saw more rush attempts than passers in a crushing win. Thus, Prescott’s effectiveness may be the only conclusion to an air attack, unless the Giants can somehow fight back.

But I don’t even know who New York will send to Struggle.

New York’s playoff run is now on their shoulders Darius Slayton, Richie Jamesas well as … Kenny Golladay. Yes, I know. The team goes like Saquon Barkley goes. But Brian Daball can’t build a whole plane using Barkley’s attempts and Daniel Jones.

However, Green Bay gave them a possible plan that might work.

Aaron Rogers reached a season-high level of games against Dallas. Meanwhile, Aaron Jones flew past Mickey Parsons and the rest of the defense for 138 yards and landed. Barkley is 30th in scoring for the season, with Jones third. Simply put, Barkley is a home run. But the giants will need all the firepower they can get if Daniel Jones can’t connect to his receivers.

Slayton is the best pass catching option. At least he’s healthybut its 2.48 YPRR comparable to most WR1. Jones targeted Slayton for 44.4% of his routes from the slot. FROM Van’Dale Robinson After making the season, Slayton becomes the team’s top receiver against a minor Cowboys player.

Primetime playoff aftermath as Vikings host Patriots

No, I don’t think Vikings are crooks. As with most things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. But the Cowboys definitely gave us something to talk about after Sunday:

Thursday’s biggest story is whether the Vikings can rewrite the narrative after their beating in Week 11. Dallas under pressure Kirk Cousins 60.0% of his drop.

No, not 6.0% – 60%. More than a half.

Cousins ​​scored a career-high seven sacks for just 105 passing yards. And now he’s dating Bill Belichick on prime time. But if we’re talking about rogue teams, Minnesota isn’t the only one in the conversation.

Results of the defensive series.  (Photo by nflfastR)
Results of the defensive series. (Photo by nflfastR)

The New England defense has allowed the lowest rate of first downs or touchdowns this season. Belichick did it again: he somehow created an insurmountable defense capable of pulling their offense into the playoff picture.

But let’s rewind a little.

For two of the last three weeks they have played with high turnover. Zach Wilson, who just got benched. Sandwiched between holding the Jets to a 28.6% third-loss conversion rate, they secured the dismissal of Frank Reich after limiting the Colts to 121 total offensive yards. It was a much needed run for the Patriots. However, there were some concerns beforehand.

New England ranked 32nd in the number of successful tugs in its seventh week. Justin Fields rise to prime time against the patriots. while cousins more dancing off the field than onthe Vikings’ fast-paced offense can help take the pressure off their quarterback.

Dalvin Cook ranks fourth in explosive runs through the PFF. He also ranks 21st in the successful snatch rankings. Although Minnesota is in the top 10 in PROE, I’m interested in their approach to defending New England. Chicago lost 206 yards to the Patriots, and the Green Bay duo were not far behind, 183 yards.

Team passing balls starting from Justin Jefferson to T. J. Hockenson, will be in each composition. But the current game will be the deciding factor in how we view the Vikings as we get closer to the playoffs.

Conversely, the Patriots’ passing attack has value in DFS formats. I know you will see Mac Jones at the bottom of the same chart I showed you about Duck. And Jones’ 5.4 air yards per try is more than just Matt RyanWith. So, I’ll clarify by pointing to an option that goes under the radar.

Starting from the 6th week, John Smith was third in targets with a team score of 2.39 YPRR. Hunter Henry has a higher route participation rate (124 routes on 179 returns), but Smith’s 28.1% TPRR is more than double Henry’s (11.3%). Smith also has one less target in the red zone.

Jacob Meyers is and should be a popular play. However, Smith offers unique access to passing play against the 22nd-ranked defense in schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed for tight ends.

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