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Fantasy Football Today: The toughest lineup decisions for every Week 4 game plus a TNF recap

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The early part of this season was marked by injuries and we saw another scary night on Thursday. Tua Tagovailoa was forced out of a game against the Bengals after hitting his head on the turf on a sack but was released from a Cincinnati-area hospital Thursday night. This is good news after such a terrible sight.

The Dolphins lost that game, and Tyreke Hill was the only player on the team to actually perform that well – Jaylen Waddle, Chase Edmonds, and Raheem Mostert scored 10 or fewer PPR points. On the other hand, Joe Mixon had another decent game, as did Ja’Marr Chase, while Tee Higgins was the star and Joe Barrow hit three times for 36 yards or more—a good sign given his difficulty finding big still playing this season.

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In the end, the Bengals won 27-15 and the Fantasy players left the game mostly dissatisfied. This was the theme during the first month of the season and it could leave you in a hole. But don’t worry; we also have a lot of injuries to go through just in case the difficulty level isn’t high enough already.

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I want to help out there, so send any questions you might have to [email protected] with the subject line “#AskFFT” and they will be included in my Sunday morning mail. Also, you can catch our YouTube stream Sunday morning at 11:30 am EST where Adam Eiser, Frankl Stumpfl and I will be answering all your questions about the lineup.

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And here’s what’s in the rest of today’s newsletter to help you get ready for Week 4:

  • 🏈TNF fantasy review: Bengals 27, Dolphins 15
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🏈 TNF Summary: Bengals 27, Dolphins 15

  • Winner: I don’t think Ja’Marr Chase has a problem with Tee Higgins or anything like that, but Higgins problem for defense. We knew that, of course, but the gap in Chase and Higgins’ preseason ADP suggests we may not have understood it well enough. Chase is an incredible player, of course, but Higgins is pretty good on his own. And as SportsLine’s Jacob Gibbs pointed out, Higgins actually got attacked more often than Chase. when they were on the field together in their career. Both great players are WR top 12 in my eyes and Higgins deserves more credit for what he has done alongside his brilliant teammate.
  • Jonah: Chase Edmonds. You’ve been bailed out if you’ve started Edmonds this week as he’s scored another touchdown from close range, but that’s all he has for now. Raheem Mostert is simply the more efficient runner in this system, and that was especially notable on Thursday when Mostert ran 15 times for 69 yards and Edmonds ran 6 yards on five carries. Both players were attacked three times, with Edmonds seeing two targets out of 10. It’s Edmonds’ only lifeline, but you can’t count on touchdowns every week, especially if Teddy Bridgewater is QB for the Dolphins. Edmonds’ use in week one was pretty promising, but since then, his snap share has dropped in every game – it dropped to 27% on Thursday – and now he has just 16 carries and seven targets in the last three weeks. It can’t be reset, but I won’t start it next week.
  • Something else: Jaylen Waddle had a quiet game, making two catches for 39 yards and five goals, while Tyreke Hill made 10 for 160. However, it’s worth noting that Waddle struggled with a groin injury in a short week and played a few more games. sides than we are used to seeing. I’m not worried about that, even if Bridgewater has to start a few games. This Dolphins offense is pretty much centered between those two, and Waddle’s 35 goals in four games is still a very healthy number.

🔍Week 4 Game Reviews

Every game on the NFL schedule every week has something to watch, even if you sometimes have to squint to see it. Here’s an overview of each game in Week 4 with some notes on what Vegas is expecting to see, some roster help, and one thing to look out for in each game:

All odds are quoted via Caesars Sportsbook.

Vikings “in” Saints

  • Sunday, 9:30
  • Line: Vikings -2.5; 43.5 O/u
  • Intended outcomes: Vikings 23-Saints 20.5

Remember that this week we start at 9:30 AM ET when the Vikings and Saints play in London, so you need to prepare your lineups in advance. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of injury questions here that we may not have clarity on until Sunday morning. Because of this, it’s hard to say exactly what to expect from this Thursday afternoon game.

  • The most difficult decision in terms of composition: Dalvin Cook… Start off. Obviously this depends on Cook’s activity, but you may be worried about running it even if it’s active. Do not be. Cook has a lot of experience playing with shoulder injuries and is mostly fine – he missed a game with a similar problem last December and came back with 27 carries for 205 yards and two touchdowns. he’s not going to do what, in all likelihood, but I expect Cooke to more or less play his usual role if he is there. If not, feel free to start with Alexander Mattison.
  • Injuries: There’s a lot to keep an eye on here, starting with Jameis Winston (back, ankle) who has yet to train this week. Andy Dalton would have started in his place if Winston hadn’t been able to play and I think that would have been a downgrade for the overall offense. Michael Thomas (foot) was also unable to train, while Jarvis Landry (ankle) was placed on limited participation on Thursday, so he appears to be in better shape. On the other hand, Cook was a full member on Thursday, so it looks like he’s going to play.

Browns @ Falcons

  • Sunday, 13:00
  • Line: Browns -1.5; 47.5 O / unit.
  • Intended outcomes: Browns 24.5-Browns 23

I’m surprised to see the Browns only have a 1.5x lead against the Falcons. I don’t think Vegas is buying into the Browns’ sixth offense — or they are having bought into the ninth place in the Sokolov rating, which seems harder to believe. Both of these teams have had the most success on the ground and this could lead to a pretty low level game for both offenses if they can do it again.

  • The most difficult decision in terms of composition: Amari Cooper – Start off. It’s probably unfair to Cooper that he’s finished in the top 10 twice in a row and is WR’s No. 13 of the season, and I still don’t know if I trust him in my lineup. It’s not about Cooper, to be precise — I don’t trust Jacoby Brissett, who held seemingly superstar Jaylen Waddle for just 258 yards and 11.36 PPR in five games last season as the Dolphins’ primary quarterback. But the Browns are giving Cooper a huge target share, and he’s still a very good player. It’s not in the top 20 WR for me, but I’ll probably start with it where I have it.
  • Injuries: Cordarell Patterson (knee) – Patterson has yet to train this week, which is obviously a concern, especially considering how exhausted he looked towards the end of last season. He’s been very active with 49 carries in three games and it’s fair to wonder if he can continue his current usage. If he’s playing, it’s RB2, but he carries some risk here.

Commanders in Cowboys

  • Sunday, 13:00
  • Line: Cowboys -3; 41.5 O/u
  • Intended outcomes: Cowboys 22.25-Commanders 19.25

With Dak Prescott out of the game, the Cowboys have won back-to-back games with 17 and 16 points, and they do so thanks to what may be the NFL’s best passing game. The Commanders had just given way to the Eagles, who fired Carson Wentz nine times. The plan for the Cowboys is clear and it could be another long day for Wentz and the Commanders to attack.

  • The most difficult decision in terms of composition: Carson Wentz – Sit. It’s a really tough question because you might not have a good alternative – the quarterback has been pretty bad this season. Wentz is my 13th QB for the week, so I’m not saying he’s automatically seated, and Commander’s offensive retreats at the moment – 153 passes, third in the league – make it particularly hard to get past Wentz. But we just saw him struggle with a very similar matchup, and the Cowboys could be even tougher. He’s a risky start, at best.
  • Injuries: Michael Gallup (knee) – Gallup has been training with no limits this week and looks set to debut after saying he wasn’t fully prepared mentally in week 3. I don’t start him, but I’m definitely saving him… Dalton Schultz (knee) – So far, Schultz has been capped every day, indicating a decent chance of coming back after a one-game absence. I wouldn’t expect him to play his usual role, or if he does, it’s more like a minor player.

Seahawks and Lyons

  • Sunday, 13:00
  • Line: Lions -4; 48 O/S
  • Intended outcomes: Lions 26-Seahawks 22

The Seahawks actually looked like a competent modern NFL offense in Week 3, and it wasn’t just a points chase – they scored 20 points in the first half, throwing 25 times in just 14 carries. Will they continue this trend? That would make me feel a little more optimistic about their offense if they did, though if the Lions’ injury issues aren’t resolved by Sunday it could be a lower scoring game than expected.

  • The most difficult decision in terms of composition: D.C. Metcalf — Start off. Even Metcalfe’s big play this season wasn’t all that big – he caught five of 12 targets for 64 yards and landed. There were positive signs, however, as his average target depth increased to 12.5 yards across the field in week 3, more in line with where he’s been in years past. Tyler Lockett has been Jeno Smith’s favorite target since last season, and he may be an even more reliable Fantasy option this season…


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