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Fantasy football waiver wire pickups – Week 4

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Matt Harmon of Sportzshala Sports and Andy Behrens explain why fantasy managers should add Green Bay’s Romeo Daubes, Dallas’ Michael Gallup and Buffalo’s Isaiah Mackenzie.

Video transcript

Matt Harmon: Okay, Andy, we’re exiting the week three promotion. Let’s talk about some wide receivers for people who are in pain. Goodbye weeks are coming. This is a good time to start amplifying this bench with some wide receiver pickups. Give us your first boyfriend this week.

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ANDY BERENS: Yes, I should start with Romeo Daubes, Green Bay Packers rookie. For a couple of weeks he was a part-time player. But out of dire need, right? No Sammy Watkins, no Christian Watson. He should have played almost all the snaps in the third week.

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He was excellent. He caught all his targets. He was the main receiver of this team.

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He is now linked to Aaron Rodgers. He develops a relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Rogers can put the ball where it needs to be. Doubs looks good. His hands are great. He separates…

This is the only guy on the recipient waiver wire that I think can legally act as a wide recipient for his team. So I think Dubs should be picked up pretty much everywhere. It is currently available in approximately 75% of Sportzshala! leagues.

Matt Harmon: This is a good call from you. Very similar to what we have seen so far from the Romeo Doubs – of course also in the off-season.

I’ll nominate Michael Gallup, who didn’t make his season debut in week three. But honestly, I think it’s probably for the best. When we saw Chris Godwin riding there after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament the first week and getting injured right away, I was pleased that even Michael Gallup laughed at the idea of ​​him being there for the first week.

So Gallup, however, when he returns – whether it’s week 4, week 5, whatever – we know he’s up for a big role. Dallas really could use help at wide receiver. His return is likely to at least closely overlap with the return of Dak Prescott.

And I think we forget how good Michael Gallup is. I think this guy, at his best, was a type 1B receiver for the Dallas Cowboys as a pure vertical X receiver. because I think he could give you a potentially flex-worthy game every week when he comes back and that violation starts to hum a little more than before. already.

ANDY BERENS: Yeah, that’s a good call, he also has a 1,000 yard receiving season on his resume, so we’re not even asking him to do something he’s never done before. We do not expect any new level of performance.

Another name I’ll mention is Isaiah McKenzie, whose name is still available on about 60% of Sportzshala! leagues. After playing with nine targets, seven catches, his second touchdown of the season. He’s just a free cut of the Buffalo offense, and the Buffalo offense is something you’ll want to tie into over the course of the season.

When we get to the goodbyes, we’re going to rate McKenzie as the starting wide receiver. And again, for most of you, it’s available for free right now.

Matt Harmon: Yeah… getting attached to a Buffalo attack is pretty smart. I’m taking Andy Behrens’ advice about dropping requirements. This is very smart, don’t forget to check us out on Sportzshala! Fantasy Football Forecast” for our full release of the Waiver Telegram. Go grab these guys and win your fantasy league already.


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