Fantasy Football Week 11 Care/Don’t Care: We must never stop discussing Patrick Mahomes’ greatness

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5 things that excite me

Patrick Mahomes is inevitable

I’m pretty sure I wrote exactly the same title in the previous iteration of this column. It must have happened several times. There is simply no better way to describe it: Patrick Mahomes inevitably.

Nothing was more noteworthy than when the broadcast dropped the win probability to less than 30 percent at the bottom of the screen as Mahomes entered the field in his last shot. You have more fortitude than I do if you are “daring” enough to bet against Mahomes in a critical situation with less than two minutes left before the game.

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It is easy to be satisfied with the greatness of Mahomes. We should not miss this without constant recognition. What he does at the end of games and seasons is just absurd.

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Mahomes achieved this win in a late game scenario without his usual cast of characters. Top receiver Juju Smith-Shuster absent, as was the speed merchant Mekole Hardman. New pickup Kadarius Tony left in the middle of the game due to injury.

None of this matters. It doesn’t matter who’s next to him, because Mahomes just inevitable.

He got big plays from an apprentice Justin Watson and newbie Sky Mooreto accompany a vintage performance from Travis Kelsey. He will make it work with just about anyone.

Now Mahomes is aiming to break the NFL record for flotation with a redesigned receiver housing with multiple revolving doors. This season was intended to be a showcase for Mahomes in his first campaign without Tyreke Hill. He dominates it.

The statement is simple: he is now the best and most influential football player on the planet.

Accounts are coming in correctly

Josh Allen has been error-prone over the past few games. He looked a little nervous when the Browns started this week. Star Wide Receiver Stephon Diggs there was no goal for a long time to start the game. Actually Allen. was even hard on himself in public in the run-up to week 11.

So it’s credit to the attacking brain trust of the Bills that they haven’t messed around with Allen too much this week. They did what has worked for just about everyone going up against the Browns this year: run a run.

The Bills are one of the most shooting-loving teams in the NFL, but they only threw 27 passes compared to 30 running backs in Week 11.

The results were excellent. Devin Singletery totaled 86 yards and hit 18 carries. newbie James Cook also brought in a ton of shots on multiple carries, gaining 86 yards in just 11 rushes.

The hallmark of a great team is what they can do when forced to play left-handed. The Browns’ defense certainly attracted the Bills to this approach, but they dominated the task nonetheless. Buffalo is still one of the best football teams in the world.

Justin Fields injury

The only thing that can stop Justin Fields The current momentum is trauma. Unfortunately, the Bears may have to deal with this and adjust in the future.

Fields carried the ball 18 times against the Falcons. The bears start to run away David Montgomery finished with 17. Only six of Fields’ carries were bouts, the rest came from calculated runs. As powerful as his dash, Fields has yet to master the art of dodging punches in the open field.

This is an even bigger problem than most mobile quarterbacks because Fields also takes a lot of penalties. in pocket.

The Bears starter was the most fired quarterback in Week 11. In this week’s loss, he received five more dropback hits. It’s starting to take shape.

Fields was constantly rolling out that shoulder late in the game, and that didn’t seem to be the only thing that bothered him. The Bears’ offensive resurgence has almost exclusively been on the back of Fields’ legs, both in running play and what he can do as a pocket passer. The latter helps him avoid some of his toughest shots, which come with the drop-pass game.

But it’s the same knockback pass that we may need to see more and less developed carries to keep Fields for a long time.

Of course, the Bears don’t want to be in the middle of a situation where their young quarterback gets his wings clipped right as he starts to take off. Juggling this balance will be critical as the Bears continue to discover what they have in The Fields.

Chris Olav Speed

I spent most of this season showing off Chris OlavAdvanced running savvy. He really looks like a pro with 10 years of experience, not a rookie.

Don’t let this make you forget that Olav can absolutely fly:

Jalen Ramsey must not have read Olaf’s intelligence report. The veteran corner wasn’t ready for the rookie to get ahead of him that much, and without proper coverage depth, he didn’t have a chance to get back into position.

Olav is a special player.

The combination of his technical prowess and his sheer speed is hard to match. There aren’t many wide receivers in the NFL with that combination of skills at such a high level.

Defense of the Lions appears

Fantasy footballers have been targeting the Detroit Lions defense all year. But, rather quietly, the Lions have been ranked 16th in the EPA’s rankings for allowed rush attempts since week 7. It’s an average, but it’s a jump from what we’ve come to expect from Detroit.

This improvement as a run-stopping device was at odds with the excellent Saquon Barkley at week 10. Detroit only held Barkley for 22 yards on 15 carries, which is only 1.5 yards per rush. It was a wildly impressive performance against a red-hot running back.

The Lions’ pass defense hasn’t been that good lately. During the same period, starting in week 7, Detroit was ranked 25th in EPA allowable waivers. However, this did not stop them from doing Daniel Jones life is miserable in the 11th week.

Jones made a couple of interceptions, was fired twice and hit relentlessly. A few of his receivers made it to big yard games in comeback mode, but Detroit controlled that game throughout the day. It was a very impressive performance by such a maligned unit.

From time to time, defensive units are formed and changed during the season. This can happen when young players litter the lineup, as they do in Detroit. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Lions defense to see if this mini-revival comes in handy for Dan Campbell’s team.

5 things I don’t care about

Previous YPA by Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert missed less than 6.0 yards per try in four straight games. These are the stats I’ve posted on various platforms over the past week.

Don’t care anymore.

Almost every statistical flaw in Herbert’s profile this season was easily explained by the lack of honors in the receiving corps. What do you know when Keenan Allen returns, Herbert’s yards per try jumped to 9.3 in week 11.

Keenan Allen #13 of the Los Angeles Chargers has fantastic value
The return of Keenan Allen has had a major impact on both fiction and reality. (Photo by Caitlin Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Everyone has been playing hard with Allen since the first week. Mike Williams good receiver, but it’s not #1 wide. He doesn’t share at a high enough level. The attack wasn’t at its peak when Williams was there and Allen was away. Then when Williams went down, it was a real disaster for the receiving corps, especially with a coaching staff that refused to make any adjustments to play or route combinations.

It immediately became clear why Allen was so lacking. It is always on time, constantly open and laying routes to the right place against the area coverage. When Allen returned Josh Palmer could stay outside and take advantage of the position as a long strider in the bottom of the field. Williams left the game with another ankle injury that was barely noticeable.

Keenan Allen is the biggest player on the pass catcher team for the Los Angeles Chargers. Now we can get a clear idea of ​​what their offense and his quarterback should look like for the rest of the season.

Wasting time splitting Cowboys RB

Ezekiel Elliott returned. Tony Pollard it was still great.

That’s all; that’s all that matters. Spending a few more seconds making fun of the Cowboys or worrying about Elliot getting the job is nothing but a waste of our precious earthly seconds. He won’t leave, but that doesn’t matter.

Elliot doesn’t deserve to be just put on the shelf either. He has been running well this season. He used his opportunities effectively against the Minnesota in Week 11 and scored a couple of points.

None of this affected Pollard. The cowboys will continue to give him 15 to 20 touches a week. More importantly, they will put him in position to make an explosive play. You don’t want him to work yards, you want him to add power to the offense in some moments.

This was beautifully shown today when he caught all six of his targets from over 100 yards and scored a couple of points. Such work will make Pollard one of the best defenders in fantasy football.

Elliot doesn’t leave. So is Pollard’s production tied to a really good offensive ecosystem.

Broncos In-Game Summon Change

The Broncos have changed their play caller. Nathaniel Hackett handed over duties to Clint Kubiak.

While I’m 100% in favor of the head coach relinquishing those responsibilities and focusing on game management – an area where Hackett struggled a lot – I don’t care.

Denver’s problems on offense are not related to coaching. This is the staff. No one on this team splits at a consistent level, running backs aren’t very popular, and the quarterback doesn’t take opportunities even when they’re presented.

In Denver’s practice this season, you can run into nits. Don’t count me in the Hackett fan club (if there is one). Let’s be honest about the players in this offense. No coach ever set out to make this a top 10 division.

Excuses Patriots vs. Jets

This AFC match…


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