Week 11 of the 2022 fantasy football season saw three more short touchdowns by Detroit’s Jamaal Williams and another big game by Green Bay rookie Christian Watson. What other events of the week are worth reading about? Matt Bowen and Tristan H. Cockcroft offer their analysis.

Lions rely on Williams, not Swift, in the end zone

Almost entirely crediting the Lions’ 31-18 win over the Giants to Jamaal Williams as he set a personal best with three rushing touchdowns, led the league with 12, and surpassed a fantastic 20 PPR for the fourth time in 2022. on his way to becoming one of the most unlikely outright leaders and he has become a machine in goal line situations (see attached chart). But it’s more than just robbing D’Andre Swift of a touchdown opportunity as Williams took over the lion’s share of the work between the 20s, another unexpected development. Williams’ success on the job, as well as his prowess on the short yards, has earned him a weekly spot on any fantasy lineup as a frontier RB2 – something that could escalate further if the proportion of those defenders increases further. — cockcroft

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Tristan, Swift was going to get a bad rap in this place until he scored a goal late in the game that increased his overall PPR to 12.2 points. But there must still be concerns, right? Swift hit eight touches today. That’s all. Last week? Seven. A week before? Only five. The lack of volume here, as well as Williams’ role as a frontrunner in Detroit, should give the Swift managers a bit of a headache. And I’m not sure that it can now be considered as anything more than a Flex option. — Bowen

Watson keeps opening his eyes

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Back on Thursday night, Christian Watson had one of the best performances of the week, breaking the 20-point PPR fantasy plateau for the second time in a row. This fixed Watson’s breakthrough status, which he achieved in week 10. After 32.7 last week, he went 21.1 against the Titans, highlighting the dimension he brings to the Packers vertical passing game and giving Green Bay a legitimate big-play receiver for the first time in 2022. Watson will be challenged by the Eagles’ tight defense in Week 12 and is ahead (Week 14), but he was last week’s pickup that you should celebrate and roll out as a weekly WR3 with WR1 borderline upside potential. — cockcroft

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With Watson on the field, Rodgers has a real one-on-one. We know that he can stretch the defense vertically, and he has also demonstrated the ability to run from under cover when crossing. Thus, when Rogers reads one high-ranking report, it opens the door for Watson to create high-scoring games. — Bowen

Barkley no-factor vs. Lions

Among the most disappointing tag team performances in Week 11 were the hot-started Giants who lost 31–18 to the Lions. Blame Daniel Jones for his two interceptions if you will, but Barkley’s fantasy 5.5 PPR on 17 touches, and especially his 22 yards on 15 rush attempts, were unacceptable given the matchup – the Lions entered the week in ninth place in the world. favorable position. adjusted match schedule with the league’s worst all-around defense. It was Barkley’s worst single-game performance of any game in which he played 30 or more offensive snaps. It’s not what you want to see when it comes to the showdown against the Cowboys, a short Thanksgiving week road game. — cockcroft

Pollard’s ‘Cowboys’ Stars Win

Ezekiel Elliot returned from a knee injury on Sunday, but Tony Pollard remained the Cowboys’ backfield star, with the 25-year-old defenseman scoring this time in the receiving game. Elliott had 16 touches, but didn’t affect Pollard’s workload much, as the latter played 53% of offensive snaps, had an even number of rush attempts (15 each) and added a line of 6-109-2 receiving stats for the best result in career: 36.9 fantasy PPR. Consider Pollard more exploiting the weaker part of the Viking defense – it’s not particularly good at trying short passes or passes through the center – as his ability to play big was evident in this regard when he hit for 30- and 68-yard receptions in which Next Gen Stats showed him a top speed of over 20 mph. Pollard is now the Cowboy you need most, a locked RB2 with a positional advantage in the top 10. — cockcroft

Tristan, I’m with you on Pollard. And the passing game really jumps here. If we continue to see Pollard as a receiver, with low throws and planned matchups, then he will be in the RB1 mix. We saw his juice in the open field after Sunday’s game against the Minnesota defense. He can shift gears easily. Throw the swing here. Or free it – vertically – from backfield alignment. I think we both agree that Pollard is improving Dallas’ game. More speed, more playability. But let’s not forget that Pollard has dual threat traits that enhance his fantasy profile. — Bowen

Pierce is silent in loss

Any taunt I could make about Dameon Pierce’s fantastic 3.7 PPR scores would be directed at his team’s horrendous offense, which performed as badly as one could imagine in the part of the game where a beginner running backwards might succeed. impact. Davis Mills was drafted early and fired five times, and the Texans gained 148 yards as a team, threatening Pierce’s productivity in the coming weeks, especially games against the Dolphins (Week 12), Cowboys (Week 14), or Chiefs (Week fifteen). where gameplay can be problematic. Pierce passed the 70 percent threshold for offensive snaps played for the fifth time in six weeks and had 12 touches, so it’s clear he’s going to be fed at every opportunity. That’s enough to keep him relevant to RB2, but keep your fingers crossed, his Texans can play sharper football against stronger, more promising opponents. — cockcroft

Adams is still a winner in Las Vegas

The trade to Las Vegas didn’t have a negative effect on Davante Adams, despite Derek Carr’s struggles, as the wide receiver hit 30-plus PPRs for the second time in three weeks, finishing Week 11 at 33.1. This gave him 97.3 fantasy PPRs over the last three weeks combined, the second most of his career in any three-game period after the 108.2 he scored in weeks 7-9 of 2020, highlighting Adams’ ability to dominate in the game regardless of who throws the ball to him. He has a fantasy-friendly remaining schedule and needs to be locked in as a positional game in the top five. — cockcroft

How about we win a TD from Adams, Tristan? Smooth things there. He forced Patrick Serten II to replay at half-time. Open the grass to attack after that. High level trail runner. — Bowen

What to do with Mariota

Marcus Mariota, who scored 17.74 fantasy points in a Week 11 win over Chicago, has 17 or more fantasy points in five of his last seven games. Is there a pattern here? May be. Mariota has thrown at least one touchdown in six of his last six starts. We know he will be used as a concept runner in Arthur Smith’s offense. And we saw it in the game of week 11 when Mariota scored on the concept of reading the zone. But when I mentioned it today during the first games, Tristan was very quick to tell me about Mariota’s upcoming schedule. Do I still like Marriott in deeper leagues? Yes, I think there is some positive here considering his rushing ability if you need a last minute pickup to play in the lineup. — Bowen

Matt, my main gripe with Mariota, who I agree is really attractive for streaming/2QB/super flex, is that I look at his 14th week goodbye, 15th week against the Saints and 16th week against Ravens and I can’t imagine feeling comfortable starting with him, plus I just can’t stand goodbyes at the end of the season because it negatively affects the flexibility of my squad. Mariota’s problem is that his game log doesn’t follow the natural pattern of using matches, so you have to guess as the most critical weeks approach. — cockcroft

Other observations:

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills: He and the Bills offense looked like they couldn’t close the deal in week 11, and Allen’s 12.58 fantasy points were his lowest since week 13 of 2021 against the Patriots, which is disappointing considering the Browns’ defense isn’t even close. to a tough matchup that the Patriots were at the time. Assume Allen’s elbow injury had an effect if you will, but I don’t believe what I saw and I think it’s a drastic change in routine – remember this game was moved to Detroit to avoid heavy snowfall. in Buffalo, a more rational explanation, especially since Allen seemed to warm up as the game progressed. Speaking of Detroit, Allen now faces the Lions on Thanksgiving, the short week is a negative, but the match itself is a stunning positive. I have little doubt that Allen will be my QB1 in this fight. — cockcroft

Chris Olav, WR, New Orleans Saints: Olav topped the 20 PPR mark for the first time since Week 3 with 21.2 PPR in a win over the Rams in Week 11. Rookie receiver caught 5 of 6 targets for 102 yards plus points. And that touchdown—Andy Dalton’s 53-yard shot—underscored Olav’s ability to shoot deep. He swims across the field. Light speed. And no extra movement. Now I still think Olwe has a higher fantasy ceiling paired with quarterback Jameis Winston. It’s just that he throws vertical concepts much more aggressively. But with Dalton expected to remain number one for the Saints, Olav will remain WR2 in the Week 12 matchup against the 49ers defense. — Bowen

David Montgomery, quarterback, Chicago Bears: Montgomery posted a season-high 21.1 PPR in a Week 11 loss to the Falcons. And the volume for Montgomery (20 touches) points to a pretty definite role as a leader in Chicago moving forward. With Khalil Herbert in IR and rookie Trestan Ebner with only six carries, Montgomery…