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Fantasy Football Week 3 Care/Don’t Care: Should we still trust in Russell Wilson, Broncos offense?

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5 things that excite me

The Broncos won, but the offense is heavily skewed into fantasy and reality.

The Broncos beat the 49ers, who were very eager to give up the game. That’s good, but this Denver attack is booming with at least one broken wheel.

This year I did something. This year I have a lot of mistakes. One prediction I like is that this Broncos offense wasn’t as good as the hype made it out to be.

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Here’s what I feel we know for sure…

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Russell Wilson not as good as before. Broncos pass catchers are not as good as people would like you to believe. I don’t know if anyone thought Nathaniel Hackett was good, but if he added something, no one can tell.

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Otherwise, a funny crime.

Russell Wilson (3) of the Denver Broncos was a fantasy star.
They may have gotten a W, but Russell Wilson and the Broncos attack were nothing special for fantasy purposes. (Photo by Aaron Ontiverose/The Denver Post)

Look, the Broncos offense can get better once all these new pieces start to add up. I bet they will eventually be better than one touchdown a week. But let’s be realistic about where they are right now. Denver had one good drive all night, and that’s when Wilson finally relaxed, broke free, and made a deep pass out of the pocket in a long game. None of their infrastructure works unless you call Wilson testing his runners with a fastball “working”.

The Broncos lost Geno Smithled a grudge, barely squeaked from Davis Mills the Texans and literally beat the 49ers, playing their reserve quarterback, by one point. This is not the kind of division that is going to compete in any successful business.

Lamar Jackson is white hot

We’d spend the last seven days talking about how Lamar Jackson looking better than ever if the Ravens defense hadn’t failed against the Dolphins last week. Well, with the correct result in the WL column, we can start the discussion.

It has to happen because Jackson was a brilliant thrower and runner. Compared to him, his 2019 feed looks like an easy job.

Jackson ranks fifth in the EPA’s knockback rankings with high difficulty throws. Only Jamis Winston averages more air yards per pass attempt than Jackson’s 10.8. It’s still as dynamic as ever, with two monster games in two weeks in a row.

He looks like the sort of player who would beat the Ravens on his own, and while we don’t often say that about quarterbacks, he’s going to do the same with fantasy teams. Jackson played in the same draft range as a group of middle wide receivers and running backs. Meanwhile, he is a difference maker.

Jackson essentially does all of this in a playthrough with just Mark Andrews leading path, Rashod Bateman making huge games like vertical X-receiver and light spatter Devin Duvernay. Jackson is a teammate’s lifter.

This will be a special season for Lamar Jackson.

Host role of Derrick Henry

I’ve always found it strange that the Titans don’t just pass the ball. Derrick Henry more often. He will never become a famous trail runner, but a few dumps in the apartment, a couple of screens here and there can make a difference. He is an explosive player and can crush smaller players in space.

It especially makes sense this year when they so clear hurt for juice in passing the game.

So it was great to see Henry being targeted on 40 percent of his routes against the Raiders. Henry averaged 10 yards per catch per catch. Bruised Back was the second leading recipient on the team.

We need to see more of this.

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) is a fantasy star.
Derrick Henry’s fantasy managers would love to see him get a few more passes. (Photo by Brian Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

No, Henry didn’t run hard, precise routes or anything like that, but no one in the Titans plays like that these days. Henry offers juice and Tennessee needs it. More work on the walkthrough would also help save his fantasy gender as the Titans navigate this transitional season. This is a victory for all of us.

role of Justin Jefferson

Week 1 run for Justin Jefferson it seemed like all his lofty dreams for the 2022 season would come true. The last two weeks have raised serious doubts.

Jefferson has a season target share of 25.7%, averaging 8.9 yards per goal. The last two weeks he has little work in the bottom of the field, but there are no downtime either. For all “cooper coup” role talk this offseason, Kay Jay Osbourne is the main player in the slot for Minnesota (58.4% of snaps in the slot).

We shouldn’t panic about Jefferson, but his role is more fluid than we might expect. He’s still a great receiver and he’s going to have a great season. It just won’t happen the way a lot of people have been discussing this offseason.

Breakout game by Chris Olav

You should have anticipated the next big rookie receiver breakthrough. The hints from the airfield really led us to the truth.

Chris Olav had an absurd mark of 300-plus air yards in his third week when he was eliminated as the No. 2 wide receiver in New Orleans. It opened at all levels, specializing in outfield routes. Jamis Winston just left too many games on the field last week against Tampa Bay.

However, the duo contacted Carolina.

Olav again led the airfield team and scored 13 targets, representing a 33.3% share of the team. Veteran Receiver Michael Thomas was on and off the field dealing with injuries. Olaf with a capital letter. He’s good enough to be legitimately the Saints’ best receiver.

Thomas returned after a long hiatus due to an injury, but since returning he has dealt with other illnesses. Meanwhile, Olav is getting better every week. There’s a good chance the rookie will be the top pass catcher for the Saints the rest of the way.

5 things I don’t care about

Jimmy Garoppolo as Savior

Who knows what would have happened to Trey Lance but get Jimmy Garoppolo back in the starting lineup, the 49ers doesn’t eliminate shots left on the field and propensity for stunning errors out of the equation.

Anyone who claims otherwise hasn’t watched this team in the last three years.

Garoppolo’s “Dropback from the back of the end zone” security was ridiculously brutal, but it was just one notch in a column of errors. His interception in the fourth quarter is a play we’ve seen from Garoppolo a thousand times. He tries to throw needles into a narrow area of ​​coverage and does not see the defender-rogue in the background.

His placement of the ball on open courses with a third play Brandon Aiyuk as well as Deebo Samuel were drive-killers. The lack of deep passing play has returned.

The 49ers are better with Garoppolo in the post-Lance world than with any of their other backups. But any suggestion that he is going to come here and save the crew that Lance was about to sink is nonsense.

The 49ers can win with Garoppolo. The floor projections of players with a skill position can rise with it under the center. But they are absolutely NOT going to reach their theoretical ceiling. because his.

Eagles doubt

I have seen more more than enough: The Eagles are now the most dangerous offense in the NFC. Other contenders are struggling with injuries, but I’m struggling to figure out how to slow down the pace that the Eagles have right now.

This team continues to prove the doubters wrong.

Jalen Hurts not good enough to play a high-octane game? He ranks fourth in the NFL in completions against expectations and the EPA on rollback. He just keeps getting better.

AJ Brown the number of volumes will decrease after leaving Tennessee? Brown ranks fourth in the NFL for airfields and is targeted by over 27% of its routes. He changed the rules of the game in this team.

DeVonta Smith too small to thrive in the NFL? Not a chance. Smith was electrified on Sunday. He led the team with a 53% share of the team’s airfields and made incredible contested holds on his deep takeoff and landing.

Philadelphia have other threats on this team that we shouldn’t overlook, but their Big Three are enough to strike fear into the hearts of any defensive players. They will be there until the very end. I hope you’ve drowned out the noise and bought into the talent of the Eagles’ passers.

Crime Chargers

I’m losing faith in the Chargers coaching plan and it’s fading fast.

Justin Herbert was clearly completely compromised; we can start there. I have no idea why he started the game so late. It was a clear breakthrough, there was nothing to win. After the game, Brandon Staley said, “He wanted to be there with his teammates” when asked about an injured Herbert’s playing time in the fourth quarter. No kidding, coach, but it’s your responsibility to do what’s best for the team. There is no rational argument that this was better for the Chargers today or in the future.

There are also injury disadvantages in this team that are not related to Herbert. The crime is so hard. Without Keenan Allen, they do not have players who can create a gap or open in the bottom of the field. So Herbert just throws aDOT short passes to a group of closed receivers. It’s cruel.

And who knows what’s going on in the back field? This team signed Sony Michelle, like before the season. Why does he get more carries than Austin Thank you They can’t play the “save Ekeler’s body” card because they played their star deep in that explosion.

If there is a reason, I don’t see it.

The Chargers have entered Show Me Something territory. Allen’s return to action will help, as will Herbert, who will recover from this injury. But there are serious structural problems with this crime.

Pre-season expectations from DJ Moore

In three weeks dj moore might be the most disappointing early round…


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