Fantasy Football: Where do Chiefs, Eagles go after memorable Super Bowl?

We had the top two teams in the Super Bowl and the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles put on a show. It was a good day for over and a good day for most popular props. Glasses, glasses, glasses. Carnival all around.

What’s in store for these offensive juggernauts in the future? I’m so glad you asked. This is our dish for today.

Kansas City Chiefs forecast for 2023

The good news is that all three amigos are back. Patrick Mahomes isn’t going anywhere, Andy Reed isn’t about to retire, and Travis Kels is moving forward even though he has a terrible 34-year season ahead of him next year. We know the strength of this trio.

Isaiah Pacheco did well in the playoffs and even showed himself as a blocker and occasional pass catcher. He’s well set to be featured on the team next year, which makes Clyde Edwards-Heler probably more of a minor option. Jerich McKinnon had that glorious touchdown binge back in December, but he’s in his 30s and is heading towards free agency and unlikely to return.

The wide reception room is in constant motion. Juju Smith-Shuster came to Kansas City on a one-year deal and he’s likely proven himself to be the number two in a strikeout. The Chiefs might bring him back, but that’s far from guaranteed. Marquez Valdez-Scantling, invisible in the Super Bowl, has a contract, but it’s not an exorbitant salary; he could be a cut. Sky Moore and Kadarius Tony had short touchdowns against Philadelphia thanks to great game design. Next year, we’d love to see one of these guys take a step forward.

Chad Henn retired after 15 seasons in the NFL. If you’re over six feet tall and can hold a pad, call the chiefs.

Proactive draft goals: Pacheco, maybe one of the younger receivers

Travis Kelsey has no plans to slow down but is taking risks in fantasy drafts as he turns 34 next season.  (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
Travis Kelsey has no plans to slow down, but he poses a risk in fantasy drafts as he turns 34 next season. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Philadelphia Eagles prediction for 2023

The passing game is the simplest discussion of this amusing crime. Jalen Hurts has turned into a dangerous passer and the Eagles are challenging every foot of the field with three dynamic complementary targets in AJ Brown, Devonta Smith and Dallas Godert. Everyone here has legitimate All-Pro benefits, and it’s scary to think that we might not have seen any of their peak seasons yet. Good luck covering these guys, secondary NFC.

Backfield is likely to be reshuffled and Miles Sanders will become a free agent. Sanders wasn’t a big part of the Super Bowl plan, and he’s gone astray as a wide receiver in recent years. If he wants to return to Philadelphia on a friendly deal, the team will surely listen. I would be shocked if the Eagles offered Sanders a pre-emptive deal given the position’s fungibility. They understand this better than anyone.

Kenneth Gainwell has spread his wings over the past month and may be ready to chair the committee, but that’s probably the ceiling. The Eagles will certainly want to win back from the teams again. And then you have the Hurts, the most dynamic sprinter in the NFL. Are the Eagles willing to continue to expose Hurts to all of these midfield encounters, or is the effectiveness too high to pass up?

Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator Shane Steichen has been solidifying his position all year and should be getting offers from the head coach. The only question is how well it fits. If he leaves, the Eagles must decide whether they want to hire a coach within the company or look outside the organization for their next inspiration.

Proactive draft goals: Any of the receivers or Goedert; Gainwell, if he’s not too fond of helium.


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