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Fantasy hockey: 5 line stacks to target

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Stacking is an interesting strategy game in fantasy hockey that has gained some popularity in recent years. Stacking is the practice of picking two players from the same team whose scores must be correlated.

For example, if Auston Matthews scores 60 again in 2022/23, you can bet that Mitch Marner has had a very good season again. Matthews and Marner are usually first-round fantasy draft picks, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pick them both on your team this year, but there are plenty of other places to look for stacks with high potential.

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It’s worth noting that you don’t need to capture all three members of a string to create a stack. In fact, it can sometimes make it difficult to set up your roster on heavy nights when almost every team is playing. Instead, you can focus on finding a pair or two throughout the draft, which should provide those big boom games that can win you the match. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots in the league to target for stack purposes:

Dallas Stars – Robertson/Hintz/Pavelski

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Jason Robertson, Roop Hintz and Joe Pavelski have formed one of the league’s best leaders over the past two seasons. Hinz and Pavelski are easy to get if you take Robertson at or near his ADP level in the fourth round (Pavelsky is in seventh and Hinz is in 11th). In particular, Hintz looks like an underrated current ADP and if I find myself picking either Robertson or Pavelski early on, you can bet I’ll be looking to take Hintz a round ahead of ADP to protect my stack.

Lane stacking is a solid strategy in fantasy hockey, and the Stars have one of the best options for it.  (Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Lane stacking is a solid fantasy hockey strategy and the Stars have one of the best trios for it. (Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Los Angeles Kings – Fiala/Kopitar/Kempe

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With the arrival of Kevin Fiala in Los Angeles, both he and captain Anze Kopitar now have perhaps the best teammates of their careers to work with. It is quite possible that both Fiala and Kopitar will improve on last season’s performance and therefore become strong on their current ADPs.

Fiala is top of the Kings’ top tier with ADP early in round six, making him very easy to get and stack with either Kopitar in round 11 or Kempe in round 14. One underrated part of this stack: The Kings’ second line of Philip Dano/Trevor Moore/Viktor Arvidsson was so effective last season that it looks like the top two lanes are unlikely to change and therefore impact the stack potential of these three. .

Columbus Blue Jackets – Gaudreau/?/Lane

The new Columbus first line looks powerful with the arrival of Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau is currently using Sportzshala’s second round ADP while Lane is in seventh, making him very accessible to pick both in your drafts. If you miss one of them, you can still get their center later. It was previously reported that Captain Boone Jenner (ADP 166.7) would be the first to see between them:

Personally, I’m most interested in sophomore Cole Sillinger and his potential breakthrough despite still being on the shy side of his 20s. The good part about these Columbus centers is that you can grab Jenner in 14th and then grab Sillinger or Jack Roslovich off the waiver wire if they later replace Jenner in that lead role.

Florida Panthers – Verhaege/Barkov/Tkachuk

It’s one of the toughest stacks, but if you’re drafting late in the first round, there’s a very good chance you can get Florida’s star center Alexander Barkov there and pair him with new Panther Matthew Tkachuk in the second round. Either way, you should be able to find a spot on your roster for Carter Verhage (he currently plays in the ADP Round 15). Verhaeghe has been tied to Barkov for the better part of the past two years and the addition of Tkachuk should only make the duo even more powerful.

With this stack, there is some risk that Tkachuk won’t establish himself as a regular right winger in Barkov’s lineup, but Tkachuk will still be an integral part of the powerplay and get a lot of attention from Barkov there.

Buffalo Sabers – Skinner/Thompson/Tuch

This is the cheapest high potential stack in all of fantasy hockey: Tage Thompson is the most expensive of the three with an ADP of 141.5. Thompson found amazing chemistry with Jeff Skinner as well as Alex Touch after he was traded from the Vegas Golden Knights for Jack Achel. All three have 30+ goal potential and all three could top 70 points this year.

Finding that kind of potential so late in the draft is the value that can really take your squad from good to great, and an easy way to get a couple of those Sabers is the icing on the cake.

Of course, these are just a few of the many options in the league, and you can find stacks throughout the draft if you want to. Don’t overdo it and hurt your roster’s flexibility by drafting too many players from the same team, but grabbing a couple of stacks throughout a draft is a fun and easy way to create a positive correlation in your roster.

Nate Groot Nibbelink – creator Apples & Ginos Fantasy Hockey and author of the #ZeroG strategy project. You can find him talking about obscure fantasy hockey strategy topics at Apples and Gino Discord Server or on twitter @applesginos.

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