Daniel Dopp, Liz Loza and DJ Gallo talk about life, fantasy football, pop culture and everything in between in a new weekly fantasy improv column that comes out every Friday throughout the NFL season. Joe Kaiser acts as a moderator and tries to follow the course of events.

Liz: I don’t know about you guys, but I have great feelings after the games on Monday and Thursday. The TNF fantasy appears empty after Tua is taken off the field. His well-being and recovery is obviously of paramount importance.

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It was also hard on Monday to see Sterling Shepard fall. Remember the beginning of last year? He drew 19 targets (!!!) within the first two weeks and then pulled out his hummy in the 3rd week. After that, he was in and out of the squad until he tore his Achilles at week 15. He looked healthy in this care. and once again became a mean PPR game on the high floors. Seeing him taken away on a Monday night and finding out he’s torn his anterior cruciate ligament is gut-wrenching.

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Daniel: Shepard looked good too. You hate to see this happen to someone, but he’s been through so many traumas in his career that you can’t help but sympathize with this guy.

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Liz: Injuries are an unpleasant part of the game. Teams keep playing and making adjustments, and those adjustments matter to the fantasy. Our goal in this column is to talk about fantasies and make things easy, so we’ll try to do that. And on Tuesday, when we started writing, our conversation naturally turned to the Giants.

DJ: Is Kenny Golladay Worth It Now to Get a Wire Waiver? He is only listed in 23% of the leagues. By the way: 23 yards is one more than his receiving yards all season (22). Not perfect!

Daniel: I wouldn’t include Holladay. His hands only know how to secure the bag. Protecting soccer balls is no longer something he does. But seriously, 4 years, $72 million. Ouch!

DJ: Looks like someone finally figured out how to swap out Kenny Golladey’s ink for Amon-Ra St. Brown’s tattoo.

Daniel: Touche! But seriously, is there a better draft day value three weeks before the start of the season than Amon-Ra St. Brown?

Liz: Suddenly I thought of Christian Kirk…but really St. Brown is WR3 in general (Kirk is high on WR6). And the two of you going back and forth is much more interesting than the first half of that game on Monday night. Woof! But… if Giants has a bright spot, it’s definitely Sakuon, who looked over two years younger than Zeke.

DJ: Here in 2022: the year of terrible runners, I would love to have Tony Pollard on a team where he was RB1. Maybe someone should tell the Cowboys that just because a guy makes a ton of money, he doesn’t have to play all the time. (See: Golladay, Kenny.)

Kaiser: It’s nice to see some runners stand out, but I still think about Christian Kirk and those Jags. It’s amazing how sometimes one big win can change the whole vibe of a franchise. Everything about the Jacksonville Jaguars, even the helmets and uniforms, looks and feels much better today. I’m going to buy a Jags baseball cap.

Daniel: Imagine if this team hadn’t spent a whole season of Trevor Lawrence on Urban Meyer? Or if he hadn’t drafted Laviska Chenot Jr. in the second round last year, only to have him not used and traded earlier this season. There were so many disasters last year that they look like bright spots this year. Trevor looks like he’s taking the next step and growing steadily. Kirk proves all the haters wrong by signing a massive $72 million off-season deal, but how about James Robinson take the role of RB1 away from Travis Etienne Jr.! The dude needs more praise than he gets because he stole too.

Liz: I agree with Daniel that Robinson is the strongest dog in the group. But can we also recognize Evan Angram’s return to fantasy relevance? The former Giant is currently a TE14 fantasy overall, averaging over 27 routes per game (TE12) and hasn’t recorded a single fall this year.

DJ: I’m just glad we can talk about contacts with the Jacksonville Jaguars and not Urban Meyer at the bar.

Liz: DJ FTV!

Kaiser: FTW is right. Wow… Let’s move on from former Jaegs coach to current coach, Doug Pederson, who has been history this season. Are there other teams with new coaches that make you stand out in a good way or a bad way?

DJ: Josh McDaniels is doing even worse in Las Vegas than… Josh McDaniels in Denver. He’s 0-3 and already had to face billionaire team owner (and $3 haircut owner) Mark Davis. From a fantasy point of view, not everything is in order either. Derek Carr and Darren Waller produce about the same as they always do, but no better when the McDaniels are in town; Davante Adams’ production is out of production; and Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfroe are next to useless. And this week, the Raiders get Denver’s defense, trailing just 12 points per game. It’s starting to look like Josh McDaniels was just a guy who happened to stand next to Tom Brady for a long time and get rich because of it. Maybe he can start a club with Bill O’Brien and Charlie Weiss.

Kaiser: The lesson here is don’t give up 20-point leads for the Cardinals and think they’ll beat the DJ.

Liz: Nathaniel Hackett lives upside down Mike McDaniel. I guess the excuse for Hackett is that QB is new to the franchise? Seems like a stretch given the quality of the surrounding talent from both teams. They both touch Shanahan’s coaching tree, although McDaniel is certainly less distant than Hackett. However, I want to commend Hackett for realizing the problem and trying to fix it (this is a reference to Jerry Rosburg), and not Mike Zimmer, who drove the team into the mud. Self-awareness is a wonderful thing. Imagine if Urban Meyer had an ounce of this. And that brings us full circle.

Daniel: Liz stole my answer so I don’t have much to add because it’s all about how bad the Broncos are.

Kaiser: The Broncos offense looked really bad, good, but let’s talk about the newcomers. Garrett Wilson, Drake London, Chris Olav and even Jahan Dotson have all made an impression, but what about the players who didn’t get picked in the first or second rounds? Who has already surprised you?

Liz: Can we talk about Romeo Doubs? Mike Clay does an excellent (and accurate) reminder of the need to invest in first-round rookies, citing their high chances of immediate payback. But as you probably already know, I love losers. So I’m thrilled when an intermediate or late level guy shows up in both fantasy and real life. Doubs is the Moment right now. Even as a Bears fan, Dubs’ rise makes me smile. And this so much meaning! I never believed Christian Watson commercials. Aaron Rodgers, 38, would not have had the patience to develop chemistry with a player whose biggest problem was his hands.

The fact that Daubs, whose snap shot share jumped more than 50% last week from Sammy Watkins, is in the top 5 in terms of acceptance percentage (87.5%) further highlights his huge upside potential. Admittedly, he is not yet trusted with long shots (4.6 aDOT, WR91), but Rodgers has given him a spice in the red zone (four looks, WR16). I believe that all of this is a sign of mostly good things to come. The Nevada rookie is still available in 68% of Sportzshala’s fantasy leagues. He’s making his way into flexible territory and should be there by the time we say goodbye.

Daniel: My God, Liz’s attorney just showed up with her closing arguments and, as Juror #5, convinced me with her Romeo Daubes argument. We, the jury, find Dubs guilty of stealing a telegram after a waiver here in week 4. Add it to all your leagues!

Liz: Imagine my mother’s disappointment when I told her I wasn’t going to law school. (Pst, she is a judge, although she was not at that time).

DJ: Liz Loza: Fantasy Football Lawyer should be an Sportzshala Plus show by tomorrow.

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