Pittsburgh (California) five-star guard after signing with Florida Flames in December Jayden Rashad was supposed to enroll in Gainesville after participating in the Under Armor All-American Game.

But Rashada has yet to return to the Sunshine State.

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Despite some reports that Rashada has asked to pull out of his NLI, his father, Harlen Rashada, told 247Sports on Wednesday night that his son has not filed an application to pull out of the letter of intent he signed.

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“Jayden didn’t file a request to be released from Florida,” Harlen Rashada said. “He’s still signed with Florida.”

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Harlen Rashada spoke in detail about how things are with Florida.

“Jayden hasn’t enrolled yet, he’s in the Bay Area,” Rashada said. “Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a conversation with Florida. “We are in constant discussion with Florida about his enlistment, but I would like to think that if he is not enrolled by Friday, we will have some problems in order to proceed as planned.”

With the first day of classes in Florida last Monday (January 9th), the upcoming Friday (January 12th) will be the University’s last admission/addition day. This will allow Rashada to enroll and start attending classes on Monday, while waiting for their conversation with the university on Thursday.

“Right now we are working on some things with Florida and we hope that they will be resolved soon,” said Harlen Rashada. “Jayden has been excited about the next chapter of his academic and athletic career and is looking forward to early enrollment at Gainesville.”

With a five-star rating from 247Sports, Rashada is ranked sixth among quarterbacks in the country and sixth in the state of California, ranking him 29th overall in the 2023 class.

He was selected to play in the Elite 11 Finals, the Under Armor All-American Game, and the Polynesian Bowl.

After moving to Miami, Rashada waived his Gators commitment in November and signed with Billy Napier in December. Of the 17 early enrollments expected from the Gators’ 2023 recruitment, Rashada is the only name that didn’t show up on campus.

Although Rashada is listed in the Florida student directory, this does not mean that he is enrolled in the university, but rather accepted for merit by high school academics.

Scout report by Jaden Rashada: Has a frame and build that can add enough weight and strength. Shaped to easily add at least 20 pounds of muscle. As he matures and becomes stronger, this will benefit his endurance, long-term abilities and development. Stands in your pocket with mobility to avoid rush and buy time to play under pressure. Balanced and does a good job playing off the platform. Mechanically demonstrates a smooth, light throwing movement. Hits the ball quickly, generating lower body strength to make the ball fall out of his hand. Does a good job of changing speed and adding touch on shots when needed to either fit a pass into tight windows or complete shots over defenders. Good ball placement on passes where only the receiver can play. Plays with impressive anticipation for his shots and you can see him throwing his receivers open and safe. Constant development should increase his ability to go through his progressions and understand before the snap where the defense is in cover so he can get the ball faster than he already does.