FIFA charges Germany for no player at news conference


DOHA, Qatar (AP) Germany was disciplined by FIFA on Monday, but not for its players’ “hands covering mouths” protest ahead of last week’s World Cup game.

FIFA said it had filed a case against the German football federation for not inviting players to its mandatory press conferences the day before each game.

Coach Hansi Flick showed up alone on Saturday to meet with the international media in Doha ahead of the team’s game against Spain. He said he didn’t want to burden the players ahead of such an important game, in which Germany drew 1-1.

Germany has chosen the farthest training camp from Doha, where most of the 32 teams are located. Campo Detachment is located in a resort hotel on the northern tip of the peninsula about 110 kilometers (70 miles) from the capital.

FIFA did not name a timetable for the sentencing, which is likely to be a small fine.

The German federation has criticized FIFA for its refusal to allow some European teams to wear captain’s armbands in Qatar in support of the “One Love” anti-discrimination campaign. It aimed to draw attention to the host country’s track record in the field of human rights.

Germany’s players lined up to take pictures, each with their right hand covering their mouths ahead of last Wednesday’s 2-1 defeat to Japan.

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