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FIFA World Cup Unserious XI: Harry Kane, Mason Mount and the rest of the group stage underperformers

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We have finished another round of World Cup matches and this round did not disappoint at all. Drama, thrilling endings, amazing goals, whatever, we had it.

However, there were quite unpleasant behavior as well. Before we get into this, thanks for everyone. who was in round 1You did the right thing by not showing. With that said, this is not a mockery, this is an encouragement, please do better in the third round.

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Here are the players.


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Wayne Hennessy- It was so hard to resist the Hennessy joke (please drink responsibly), however, Wayne pulled out of his line and crashed into the Iran striker, costing his team dearly. Wales didn’t play well at all, but the reduction to 10 made it much easier for the Iranians. In the end they won 2-0 and Wales were effectively eliminated from the World Cup…unless they pull one of the goals against England?


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Yurien Timber One of the brightest talents in Dutch football, he was closely associated with Manchester United, but against Ecuador? HURRAH. The Dutch defender had a torrid time and constantly looked insecure. If the Netherlands wants to stun the world, their bright prospects cannot make the costly mistakes that Urrien did. The Netherlands faced Qatar to start the third round and he started again because defenders must have a short memory.

Central defender

Virgil van Dijk You should have seen it coming, right? No, I’m not Marco van Bastenwho had the words for Virgil), I just love a beautiful game and hate to see one of the best players in the world make terrible mistakes. Watch the goal that Ecuador scored against the Netherlands, watch Virgil and you will understand why he is on this list. Get well buddy, you’re way better than that.


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Nikola Milenkovic- It hurts because he did so well against Brazil and he plays well in Serie A, but Nikola Milenkovic, you didn’t hold the high lane and Cameroon regained their success thanks to Vincent Abubakar’s ridiculous trick. Serbia have approached this tournament like a dark horse and if they defend like Cameroon against Switzerland Belgrade will meet their sons on Saturday morning.

Left back

Yuuto Nagatomo- It’s like elder abuse. He is 36 years old and had a solid career but Yuto Nagatomo made Joel Campbell look like Joel Campbell who signed for Arsenal (not good). Many Japanese players could make it to this list, but the older gentlemen didn’t do well.

midfield center

Kevin De Bruyne – According to reports, the KDB interfered with his teammates and Romelu Lukaku had to stop him. This is the first blow. Second blow, he generally played poorly in this tournament. The match in Morocco was shocking. And the third blow, the interview he gave, where he basically said that we are old and do not win anything. You would like one of your leaders to lead the team, but he just wants to go back to Manchester. Pep must make great speeches. and hugs.

Mason Mount- Before the tournament, I said that the US midfield three is one of the most underrated units in the entire tournament. I’m glad I was acquitted, but it’s shocking that Mason Mount played the full 90 minutes. The Chelsea player has talent, but he’s gone off the rails a bit. He wasn’t in the form that a player of his talent has, and if his full 90 against the US is any sign of what’s to come… football isn’t coming home.

Rodrigo De Paul He was considered a key cog for Argenitna, but these performances were anything but. He also wears number 7, which in itself should have him on this list. Why is your brute force number 7, Argentina?! It’s back to back Badly the matches for the Argentine and the Argentine are favorites for the tournament but will do little if they continue to run the man in the form he is in. Rodrigo needs some time.

Right wing

Rafinha- A fickle talent, he hasn’t shown his brilliance as he did in his Leeds days at Barcelona, ​​but that’s just the beginning. He is meant to be a key catalyst for Brazil (who has an embarrassing attacking talent), but he played two bad games and with Brazil in the round of 16, Tita needs to find a solution, and fast. Rafinha’s game is similar to the 2014 Brazilian game and we know he’s better than that.

center forward

Harry Kane- I am harsh. So what?! Harry Kane may have an injury, but he certainly doesn’t score. He was said to be tired before coming to this tournament, and I was tired of seeing him trot. Against the US, he could not smell a chance, create a chance, or do something that we expected him to do. Maybe he can get up against Wales or maybe he’ll be kicked out, the choice is yours, Gareth Southgate.

Left wing

Heung-Min Song- LeBron James, Richard Hamilton, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Victor Osimhen, Antonio Rudiger, Diego Costa. Why is Heung Min Seung not on this list? Because, unlike these gentlemen, he does not know how to play well in a mask. Son is South Korea’s hero, but where was he in those last two World Cup matches? Hiding. He could have shown himself against Ghana, but he didn’t, and it seems cruel, but please show yourself, especially when the light is at its brightest.


Hajime Moriyasu- Here, a choice had to be made. Gareth Southgate, Rob Page, you’re safe. Get up, Hajime Moriyasu. Costa Rica lost 7:0. They were there to capture. To secure your place in the playoffs was right now, but what did you do? Left my best players on the bench and now I have to climb a steep hill, that’s what. Spain are playing to their limits and you need a result while Germany is playing Costa Rica. It looks like you played yourself, and if you get knocked out, you have no one to blame but yourself.


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