Five star running back Richard Young of Lehigh-Akers, Florida, Lehigh Sr. announced his commitment to Alabama on Friday night. According to the 247Sports Composite, the second-best runner in the country, he chose the Crimson Tide over Oregon, Georgia, Notre Dame and many, many others.

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He announced his decision on social media:

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“I want to start by thanking the man for the fact that without him nothing would be possible. Secondly, I want to thank my parents for everything they have done for me and for the sacrifice they made for me to be who I am today. to thank my coaches for pushing me and making sure I’m always on the right track working to be great every day. I also want to thank my friends and loved ones for pushing me and supporting me through this long process. next 3-4 years I will use my talents and knowledge in THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ROLL TIDE!!!”

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Young has been in high demand with UA for over a year now. He joins a recent commit and an elite ball player Justice Haynes what is the loaded class on position.

“I am close to all the players and [Brian Robinson] although he’s already doing a draft and stuff. It’s the same with all new runners,” Young told 247Sports in an interview with Andrew Ivins earlier this year.

“They showed me a lot. Perhaps they are best suited to me and my recruiting.”

When UA proposed in early 2021, Young said it was a “dream school” for him growing up.

Tide running back trainer Robert Gillespie recruited wire-to-wire talent for Alabama.

This commitment gives Nick Saban and his company 4th place in the 247Sports Composite Team Recruiting Rankings.

Here is his assessment of a 247Sports player:

“One of the most coveted prospects to come out of Southwest Florida in recent times. Fast running backwards, powerful enough to do it between tackles. Excellent vision and general sense of position. allows him to get up on the field in a hurry and attack holes. Outstanding contact balance, combined with an effective hard arm, makes him extremely difficult for high school defensemen to bring him to the ground. Has experience with single back, shotgun, and pistol. Limited context when it comes to pass blocking, but he should be able to beat college-sized linemen given his size and physical nature. The track’s backdrop appears on Friday nights when he constantly walks away from defense. Good at catching a ball and should be able to move chains through an on-screen game if such games are on the call list. Wear and tear is not much of a concern at this stage of his development, as he only averages 12 games in his first two years of high school . He is likely to become a powerful player in the Top 25 program given his foot speed and ability to get rid of potential invaders. He’ll be on the radar of NFL scouts someday, if all goes well.”

Last season, Young rushed for 1,755 yards and threw for 19 touchdowns, averaging nine yards per carry.