Ian Jackson, runner-up overall in the 2024 class, has two official visits.

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Bronx, New York shooting guard Cardinal Hayes, 6ft 4in and 185lbs, will visit UNC and LSU and look to fix dates with Oregon and Kentucky.

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“Now I’m in good shape,” Jackson said. “I get messages from the coaches I want to hear, talk to different programs and find out how they play. Everything is going well now.”

“I have two visits scheduled. I’m going to LSU on November 5th and UNC on October 28th and 29th. I’m trying to figure out dates with Kentucky and Oregon and then another one for my last visit.

Jackson talked about some of the schools associated with 247Sports.

UNC: This relationship is great. Coach Davis and I have a great relationship. He came here, and we didn’t even talk about basketball, but we got to know each other like people. He’s a great person and I really like him as a coach.”

“I look forward to experiencing the culture at Chapel Hill. I’m looking forward to seeing how things work in the environment.”

LSU: “It’s a great relationship. Coach Toppert and I talk a lot. I love that he’s a former Phoenix Suns coach who trains with Devin Booker. Also with a coach at Murray State with I am Morant he knows how to teach professionals, so that’s important.”

Kentucky: “Kentucky is great too, and Coach Cal is a great person. We had a great conversation for an hour. I learned a lot about him and it was great to have him here. I feel that my game will fit well into their system.”

Oregon: “Oregon is a great school that has been eyeing me for a long time. We’ve been building a relationship for a while and I feel like I’ll fit in well too.”

Currently ranked 2nd in the class, Jackson is aiming to have a great junior season and showcase his skills.

“This year I’m just trying to prove how dominant I can be,” he said. – I want to be everywhere on the site both in defense and in attack. I also want to show how versatile my game is and win another state championship.”