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Five wildest moments from NFL Week 3: A butt punt in Miami, a not-clutch Tom Brady and a UFO delay

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At this point, we have to be prepared to expect the unexpected when it comes to the NFL. Teams that are not expected to win in one situation or another may well emerge victorious, at least a couple of games will always be reduced to zero, and competitions may be suspended due to unidentified flying objects. It’s true, it happened on a Sunday.

We saw a lot of wild moments in week 3. Miami Dolphins are now under investigation due to how they handled Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion check, Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey epic crisis in the press box, the Jacksonville Jaguars smashed the Los Angeles Chargers, and head coach Brandon Staley made the dumb decision to leave his injured star quarterback in said breakthrough for no reason. It was surprising, but not all of these moments made it to our list of the five wildest things that happened in week 3. Let’s see what happened:

5 Drone Stops Seahawks Game

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The Falcons-Seahawks game on Sunday afternoon was suspended in the second half due to a UFO. No, the aliens weren’t looking at their fantasy football players and tracking their bets from above; it was a drone. According to the talk of professional football, league rules call for games to be stopped until any unlicensed drones leave the airspace. The referees order to clear the field, but the delay did not last long.

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Interestingly, a college football game in Washington was also postponed due to a drone on Saturday night.

4. Shocking loss to the Chiefs

“Every Sunday” is not just a phrase, it is a reality. The Chiefs looked like a top two or three going into Week 3 as they were undefeated and about to play probably the worst team they had faced this season in the winless Indianapolis Colts. Frank Reich and Matt Ryan tied the Houston Texans in Week 1 before losing outright to the Jaguars in Week 2. It should have been an easy win for Kansas City. Right?

No, the Colts left with a 20-17 win. Ryan played 16 games and won 76 yards that lasted over eight minutes. It ended with a touchdown catch by Jelani Woods with 24 seconds left, the rookie’s second catch of the game. As for why the Chiefs lost, there were several reasons. The attack did not look explosive, the rapid attack did not lead to anything, there were untimely penalties and losses. One streak that stood out was when the Chiefs, who had scored four points, attempted a fake fourth-place field goal at the Colts’ 24-yard line early in the fourth quarter. They missed the first try and ended up losing three. It’s hard.

Expect the unexpected in this league.

3. butt

Thomas Morstead has been one of the best in the business for a long time. However, on Sunday, he hit a blunder when he sent the ball straight into the back of defenseman Trent Sherfield.

It was a huge game as she gave Buffalo the ball and two points with less than two minutes left. Looks like Sherfield forgot he was working in a confined space. At least he took it easy.

It was a game that reminded Mark Sanchez of the 2012 Butt Fumble, when he famously ran into the butt of his Jets lineman and lost the ball. Sanchez noticed.

2. Tom Brady is not a clutch

This time around, Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady wasn’t about two legends pitted against each other as this matchup was all about defense and a battered wide receiver. The Green Bay Packers’ only points were scored in the first two runs of the game, but that was enough to win, 14–12.

Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 89 yards downfield late in the fourth quarter, scoring Tampa Bay’s first touchdown of the game for a two-point lead. It looked like we were about to go into overtime, but then for some reason, Brady and the offense had a late game penalty in the one situation where you can’t afford it.

After the ball was moved back to the 7-yard line, all momentum seemed to be turning in the Packers’ favor again. Of course, Brady couldn’t transform, that’s all.

Rogers could be the reason the referees threw the flag for delaying the game because it looks like pirates should have been marked for the same penalty for their touchdown, and Rogers informed them of it.

1. Jimmy Garoppolo pulls Dan Orlovsky

This was the wildest event in the third week. ESPN commentator and former Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky is known for waiving his own end zone on game days, and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo did the same on Sunday night. against the Denver Broncos!

While embarrassing and entertaining, this game had major ramifications as the 49ers could use those two points they gave the Broncos. They only lost one.


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