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Flurry of offers in for OL Marquise Thorpe-Taylor

Tacoma (Washington) Forward Mount Tahoma Marchioness Thorpe-Taylor contains half a dozen sentences.

January was especially good for Thorpe-Taylor, who had four offers, including a pair from Pac-12.

Arizona, BYU, Colorado State, Nevada, USC, and Washington State offered Thorpe-Taylor.

And several more schools came in January to test it.

UCLA, Oregon and Washington were held in January,” Thorpe-Taylor said.

The Trojans’ proposal resonated with Thorpe-Taylor.

“USC’s offer was great,” he said. “I was excited when they called me. My mom was there and she was very excited coach (Josh) Henson suggested it. He’s really cool. He came to school several times and he really cares. get down there.”

Washington State was also a good deal for Thorpe-Taylor.

“It was a big deal because now I have the opportunity to stay close to him,” Thorpe-Taylor said. “Coach (Clay) McGuire recruits me and he checks on me every few days to see how I’m doing.”

Arizona had previously offered Thorp-Taylor his first Pac-12 offer, and he is in touch with the offensive line coach. Brennan Carroll.

Oregon State may be close to offering offensive line coach Jim Michalczyk keep an eye on Thorpe-Taylor after defensive line coach Legi Suyanoa stopped.

The Beavs have a former Mount Tahoma linesman starring right now in Laughter.

“People have never hired Mount Tahome before, but we got a few guys and coach Keith (Terry) is very excited about our future,” Thorpe-Taylor said. “He raised the South Tacoma era standard by having all the kids build there and stay in school for an hour. I feel like I made the right choice with my school and now I have a few teammates that we will have a good opportunity to go out and play ball with.”

The 6-5, 310-pounder said he would play anywhere on the offensive line.

“It all depends on the formation, but I don’t mind playing tackle or guard,” Thorpe-Taylor said.

In fact, Thorpe-Taylor even plays tight in a 7-on-7 formation with his 7-on-7 team, THE HEIR.

“I just want to show some athleticism and work a little,” Thorpe-Taylor said.

Thorpe-Taylor received three stars from 247Sports, ranking 86th in offensive tackle nationwide and 18th in Washington state in the class of 2024.


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