FMIA Combine Week: Ryan Poles on “Healing” the Bears and His Plan for the First Overall Pick

INDIANAPOLIS – Saturday Morning Scout Week, Chicago, Major General. Ryan PolesHotel room, 19 floors above the Indy Center, scout clicker in hand, viewing on film Lviv 2022. It’s student scout season, but the Poles are working these days with an eye on impending freedom of action as well as competition.

It’s too early for the 37-year-old Pole to start a career as a grandmaster to get the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, but sometimes fate chooses you. And the Da Bears could use this chunk of huge fortune, the first pick in the draft when there’s gluttony, to get to number one. The last time the Bears won the Super Bowl, the only time they won the Super Bowl, the Poles were four months old. The last time the Bears won a playoff game, in the 2010 season, Powles was a sophomore scout in Kansas City just trying to break into the business.

Now he owns the establishment and is well aware of what is at stake.

“I believe in building something to sustain success over a long period of time,” Powles said. “For me, it has to be through the project. This is just a chance to give this team a lot of power and flexibility to do so. It’s time for this organization. [practice] The facility and offices have just been built. new president [Kevin Warren] comes and we think in the same innovative way, I think. We have the opportunity to build a new stadium. Now, with this first-pick opportunity, it’s like being able to fix some of the things that happened before and become a really good team. Everything seems right.”

The Poles spoke softly but insistently after 50 minutes. He supported the defender Justin Fields, saying that “we have to see it through”, giving Fields the chance to be the team’s starter in the long run. It’s clear he’s not trading Fields or picking a quarterback in this draft. He had little doubt that the Bears would trade the first overall pick and said he spoke to three teams at the Combine about a deal. (He didn’t name them.) He said he had enough talk of the deal to know he could get “one 24 and 25” in the main trade package in this year’s first-round picks trade. No matter how low he goes in the draft this year, Powles wants to make sure he gets a “blue man” – his term for a top first-round player – and there can only be six or eight of them when the Bears eventually place their positions. board.

Without revealing the details of the process, it is clear that the Poles have enough information to suggest that the deal could take place long before the first round begins on April 27.

“Should we do this before the advent of free will? Or should we wait?” He said. “I don’t know. That’s what I reported [to teams]. I could carry this until we’re on the watch on the night of the call. But there are teams that need certainty, because: “If I really need a quarterback, should I do it now, when some of these guys, like Derek Carr, there? For me, they have to go a lot higher to do it now.

“I’m not greedy with him. But they will have to do everything they can to close the door now.”

It’s crazy this year that there’s no quarterback in the group, but it can be crazy to get to first place. Houston (choosing two and 12), Indianapolis (four), Vegas (seven) and Carolina (nine), and perhaps Tennessee (11) or Seattle (five) could take the Poles aggressively. For Poles and newly star-crossed bears, this choice could sow the first round seeds for a long-term recovery. Very necessary.


There will be more bears soon, but there are a few things I’ve learned from hotels, bars, and the convention center:

Domino QB should start to fall this week. Best guesses from my GM crowdsourcing: Derek Carr to the saints Aaron Rogers no one really knows (but I’m guessing the Jets) Lamar Jackson And Daniel Jones franchise, Jimmy Garoppolo being the beneficiary of some QB uncertainty sometime in March.

I don’t see raiders participation in the derby of Aaron Rodgers, if any.

Re: Lamar Jackson I have an idea with the help of the Crows to cross the ocean abyss. Might be a stupid idea, but that’s all I have.

Free agency seems hopeless to me. A week before the legal invasion, nothing is heard.

As regards the competition committee’s legislation on rugby scrimmage, I think the chances of her not being put up for a vote this spring are just as high as the chances of her being kicked out of the game. (Rejoice, Eagles.) Why? Since the Competition Commission and Roger Goodell will not push for a ban on nominating QBs to vote at owners meetings in three weeks if that fails.

I’m still working on the pronunciation of the first and last name, but Northwest DL Adetomiva Adebavore (pronounced “ad-i-TOMMI-wah, ad-i-BAR-a”) made some money this weekend.

Three bright conclusions from the Combine. Keep in mind that I’m not very good at the “here are the guys who blew up recruiting boards with great Combines” narrative that you’ll be reading a lot. I’m more into Dan Campbell school: “Here in pajamas, no one will be appreciated.”

Significant Denver jalopy. Explanation.

Travis Kelsey, stoner hero.

Instructive story of the week: Carson Wentz. Yes.

Daniel Snyder leaves a stench on Roger Goodell. Don Van Natta with a gem.

Thank you Sun King Brewing. Thanks Colts. Thank you Master Treasures. We had a hell of an event Friday night and the Central Indiana teachers got $14,434 richer.

On the show.

First Choice


It’s amazing how NFL history can lead to something as odd as a two-point conversion. But the Bears lost in Week 18 in an early window to end the season 3-14; the game ended at 2:29 pm CST. Two minutes remained in Indianapolis, and Houston (2-13-1) was losing 31-24 to the Colts. The Poles made their way to the Bears’ locker room. Defeating the Texans would have made Houston the better choice. The win will give Chicago first pick. You know the Texans would never want that win this game with such huge consequences was?

There was. 50 seconds left Davis Mills threw a TD pass into a tight end Jordan Akins; 31-30, Colts. Houston head coach Lovy Smith, a former coach of Chicago, chose two. Mills to Akins for the conversion and Houston won 32–31. In the blink of an eye, the order at the top reversed from Houston 1 and Chicago 2.

Smith was fired a few hours later.

Mills was about to leave as the Texans’ starting quarterback.

“So I go to the locker room and [I swear] As far as my kids’ lives are concerned, my only thought process at the time was just to show appreciation for the guys who had a really tough year. I talked to everyone. Then someone pulls me aside and says, “Hey, Houston won.” We got the first overall pick.” I wasn’t even there in the mental space to think about it.

“Then, that night, as I pull into my driveway, my neighbor drives by and yells, “Hey man, congratulations on your first choice!” And it was a little strange for me to celebrate it.”

As much as some fans would like the Poles to drop Fields (5-20, passing 59.7 percent in his first two years, but 1,143 yards this year), it didn’t make sense for GM. “When we started to adjust and adapt to what he did well and he started to handle the ball a bit, we saw very unique and special abilities and talent that could change the game,” Poles told me. “Now we need to move on to the next part in terms of being an effective passer. I was open about it. We talked about it with Justin. He knows Can he be more clear when he plays, when he can just play loose because he knows where he’s going with the ball? I really think that we have potential, that we have something really good, and I think that you should see it through.”

Good decision. Fields could be a good quarterback. Without an undisputed franchise quarterback in the draft, it makes more sense to build a team around Fields while getting draft capital over the next two or three years if the Poles need to get a quarterback in 2024 or 25.

In terms of the market, the best I’ve heard here from a top 10 team looking for QB is the words of a senior club official: “We’re tired of band-aids.” How I see potential suitors:

Aggressors: Indianapolis and Carolina. The Colts have had a different starting quarterback for five straight years and have not won a playoff game in the last four seasons. grandmaster Chris Ballard is under the gun and he knows it. I think if he falls in love with one of the best passers, he will overpay for him. Carolina could be more desperate. Owner, David Tepper, has made it clear he wants a long-term response from the quarterback, and he wants it now. Indianapolis wouldn’t have to trade as hard for the pick as Carolina did, because it would move up three positions. But the Panthers may want to overpay compared to the Colts, and if the Bears have enough Blues on the board to ensure they get one pick out of nine, I might see them settle for that. deal. What will this package look like? It is possible that Chicago will trade from first to ninth and get first-round picks in 2024 and 2025, as well as second- and third-round by-picks in the next two drafts. I was told that it was quite possible that the more cold-blooded would prevail in Carolina, but we’ll see.

Tepper in January. (David Jensen / Getty)

Parties concerned: If Houston wants to get rid of her fiancé, let’s say Bryce YoungThe bears could…


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