FMIA Trade Notes: Jalen Ramsey goes MIA, Bears Send No. 1 Pick to Panthers for D.J. Moore and More

Jalen Ramsey for the Dolphins made too much sense for both the Miami and the Rams. It happened on a Sunday afternoon. We should have anticipated this for several weeks.

Trade – Ramsey to Miami for mid-third round pick, 77th overall and an invisible tight end in the 2021 third round, Hunter Longseems easy for the Rams. And it is, but the market for a 29-year-old cornerman who wants a contract extension and who lost 65 percent to his coverman last year hasn’t been as strong as the Rams had hoped. There was also the issue that Ramsey wanted to go to Miami.

The Dolphins are all-in for 2023. The Rams are all-in for 2025. Now it’s officially official: Los Angeles is no longer a franchise of choice and will be building the future with their 11 picks this April.

Miami will fight if Tua Tagovailoa may remain on the field for most or all of the regular season. This is confidence. But this deal is an acknowledgment that the Dolphins won’t become a title team without major defensive upgrades. new coordinator, Vic Fangio, is part of one of the recovery. Ramsey is an important second part. The Dolphins scored 113 more points (one touch per game) than the Bills in 2022 and had steals in just five of 17 games. Dear free agent defenseman since 2021, Byron Jones, might be too wounded to be counted on. If Aaron Rogers signs with jets and if Lamar Jackson plays Baltimore, Miami will play nine games in 2023 against top quarterbacks: Josh Allen and Rogers (two each), one each against Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Justin HerbertJackson and Duck Prescott. Ramsey and Xavien Howard should be a formidable cover duo in Fangio’s new defense.

The Rams are going to be drafted for the foreseeable future, turning the course of the Super Bowl LVI winning team. They have had one top 100 pick in the last two years in total. This year they have three in the top 77 (36, 69 and 77 and I would look for GM Sneeds try to swap 36th in just two or three choices). Long scored zero in two years for two head coaches in Miami, so I wouldn’t count on him much.

Two teams travel on different roads using modern logic. This big transition weekend will continue with the first week of the new league year and other transitions.


Names/events in bold as the off-season officially kicks off, starting with the deal that rocked the NFL on Friday:

Beware of the Caroline know-it-alls. Three days after the Chicago Mega Deal and 45 days before the first round, I don’t think the Panthers know their quarterback goal.

dj moore was the key to the deal. Take it to the bank. Without it, there would be no trade.

Bryce Young related statistics of the week: In Carolina coach Frank ReichX In their 17 years as an NFL head or assistant coach, quarterbacks under 6’4 have started a total of six games. Young 5-10.

Dude, Ryan Powles oversees a face transplant, not a facelift. No NFL team will be more different from September 2022 to September 2023. When you go from 3 to 14 it’s good.

happy trails, Devin McCourty. Clay Patriots D retires at 35. Television is waiting. “It’s been so long for us Tom Brady on offense, Devin on defense,” New England statesman. Matthew Slater told me on Sunday. “They’ve been leading us for so long.”

Rest in peace, Bud Grant. The glue for the Vikings franchise and one of my favorites of 39 years dedicated to the NFL has died at the age of 95.

Free agent names to look out for today. I have seven untagged franchises that should do well in the next 24 hours: DT Javon Hargrave And Dre’Mont JonesC Orlando Brown And Mike McGlincheyWITH Jesse BatesKB Jamel DeanFROM Frank Clark.

Memo to Aaron Rogers: Take the Jets concert over the next two years. Your life has been full of adventure. (Also weird, but adventurous.) Imagine being the best for this franchise since Joe Willie Namath off Broadway. It would be a great career ending.

All is quiet on the Lamar Jackson front. What a strange, strange story.

The nines got good news about Brock Purdy. Phew.

Finally, a mid-range quarterback. Derek Carr And Geno Smith live in it and Daniel Jones is on it.

With the show of the week, the renewal of the line-up begins.

CHI-CAR Big Trade


This is the day free agency begins in the NFL, the day agents and teams can legally start negotiating contracts they already know they were illegally negotiating. But the Molotov was in the top 10 of the draft this weekend, so it has priority this morning.

And it’s good that it quickly escalated.

The top of the blueprint has been flipped upside down Ryan Poles and the desperate Carolina Panthers just after 5 ET on Friday afternoon, six days after he told me the Bears would need a ransom to pick the best pick.

The Poles got a lot from Carolina for top picks: ninth and this year’s overall pick, 2024 first-round pick, 2025 second-round pick, and Panthers first-round pick, dj mooreis healthy and entering its 26-year season. Moore is not a top 10 wide receiver in the NFL, but is definitely in the top 20 after three years of 1,000 yards in his first five NFL seasons.

(Grant Halverson/)

Since the trade cannot be announced until Wednesday, early 2023, the Panthers and Bears have been buttoned up for the weekend. But I did collect a few nuggets.

Prevailing Wisdom: Chicago got enough to pick, suggesting DJ Moore could be the first recipient Justin Fields desperately needs. The Carolinas paid a fortune, and recent draft history is littered with crappy trades to the top five quarterbacks that didn’t pan out.Robert Griffin III, Carson WentzMitchell Trubisky, Sam Darnold). “If Carolina doesn’t pick the right quarterback, the deal will fall through,” the former NFL dealer said. Jimmie Johnson.


This deal would not have happened without DJ Moore. The Bears had the worst five strikeouts in 2022, even after betting on Chase Claypool in the offseason. Darnell MooneyClaypool and Unflappable Saint Brown, as a group, weren’t going to give Fields the best chance he could as a quarterback, and developing Fields is a priority for the 23 Bears. The free agent crop is a D-minus, and if Powles didn’t want to use his only top 50 pick at wide receiver, Moore (or a number one wide receiver like him) was vital. Of course, the Carolinas didn’t want to sell one of their top five players in their prime; in six months, the Panthers lost two of their best strikers, Christian McCaffrey and Moore. But if they wanted to be sure that their choice of defenders would appear on April 27, Moore had to be sacrificed.

I don’t think Carolina has decided what kind of quarterback she wants. Of course GM Scott Fitterer, and scouts who have studied quarterbacks have their own preferences. course coach Frank Reich and his employees have an opinion after watching the tape and meeting with passers-by at the plant. But 45 days before the first round, that’s not all. It would be unwise to make a deal.

I’ve heard the same rumors as everyone else – that Frank Reich loves Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. And he can be chosen. But I’m a little skeptical. Nothing against Richardson, who is one of the most interesting quarterback prospects in recent drafts. However, I’m interested in trading two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and one of the top five players for a player with a high ceiling but one year of college. Trading for number one and picking Richardson could be brilliant. But picking Richardson number one after he’s dealt five first-class pieces for him is a big risk.

However, if Richardson becomes a Guy, I expect Carolina to consider a small trade. It would be difficult. When teams make draft trades, the team usually doesn’t acknowledge who the player’s target is. In this case, the Panthers, if they were to trade from one to, say, Houston in two, should be sure the Texans aren’t taking the quarterback Carolina wants. This will obviously require some trust. Going beyond two would be a risky venture.

Reich has never coached a short quarterback and Bryce Young is 5-10. It makes sense? I give it a little weight. In Reich’s 17 years as quarterback coach, offensive coordinator, or head coach, his starting quarterbacks in Indianapolis, Arizona, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis (again) were 6-6 (Nick FallsJohn Skelton), 6-5 (Peyton Manning, Kerry Collins, Dan Orlovsky, Philip Rivers, Carson WentzRivers back, Wentz back), 6-4 (Curtis Painter, Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brisset, Matt Ryan), 6-3 (Ryan Lindley) and 6-2 (Sam Elinger). Guys with 6-3 and 6-2 totaled six starts, and I suspect starting Elinger twice in Reich’s last two games in Indy wasn’t Reich’s idea. Thus, in 17 years, all but six of the games Reich coached started as quarterbacks 6–4 or taller. Reich is a traditionalist. He played in the era of big quarterbacks. Putting the future of the franchise on a great player, but on 5-10 players, would be unconventional for him. However, Fitterer is from Seattle, where 5-10 thousand. Russell Wilson was the main exception for a decade. Young has received rave reviews for his football ability and has just finished two years with a demanding NFL QB teacher. Bill O’Brien, in Alabama. So never say never short QB.

One more thing about Bryce Young that Reich and his staff would love and might…


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