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Fofana helps Navy top No. 17 UCF 17-14 AP Top 25: USC moves into top 5 for 1st time in 5 years Williams’ 470 passing yards puts No. 7 USC over No. 16 UCLA

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ORLANDO, Florida. Defenseman Daba Fofana rushed for 114 yards and the Navy beat UCF No. 17 17-14 on Saturday without completing a pass.

Navy (4-7, 4-4 American Athletic) had nearly 40 minutes of possession and gained 248 yards, all on the ground. Xavier Arlin threw an unfinished on the team’s only transfer.

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The loss pushed the UCF (8–3, 5–2) off the top spot in the AAC and nearly killed the Knights’ chance of playing at home in the conference championship game.

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“It’s frustrating, but we have to play football whether we’re home or away,” defender Ricky Barber said. “No one can point fingers. Our plan is to win USF and then no matter where we end up, we have to put the ball down and play.”

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Mikey Keene replaced defender John Reese Plumley in the second half and immediately led the Knights to their only touchdown of the game.

Keane threw his first three passes for 79 yards, including a 28-yard touchdown on Javon Baker. Plumlee then conceded a 2-point conversion to Baker to tie the game at 14 early in the third quarter.

John Marshall forced Keane to tinker with the next possession of the knights. He was rebuilt by Colin Ramos at UCF 34, and a 45-yard field goal by Bijan Nichols gave the Navy a 17–14 lead with 8:22 left in third.

Then there was all the protection.

“We knew that Plumley had very dynamic legs, but he was not as capable of throwing as Mikey Keane. So we were of the opinion that this guy probably wouldn’t get that much out of his pocket,” said Marshall, who had four bags and 10 full tackles. “Two different baseball players, but I think we were able to work effectively with both.”

After two long touchdowns, the Navy led 14-6 at halftime.

The midshipmen took a 7-0 lead at quarterback Arlene with 8:20 left in the first quarter, completing a 75-yard dash.

“I feel like if we start fast we’re going to be hard to beat, just the nature of our offense and the way our defense plays,” Navy Coach. Ken Newmatolo said. “I think it was important for us to start well against these guys. We didn’t give them momentum even though they moved the ball.”

Colton Boomer’s 21-yard and 31-yard field goals made it 7-6, but Navy hit 84 yards late in the first half before another touchdown. Vincent Terrell Jr. ran from 8th with 1:33 left.

Plumley, the senior player who led the UCF offensive in ninth for most of the season, completed 11 of 18 passes for 107 yards and threw a long interception in the last game of the half. Keane finished 6 of 10 for 98 yards and a touchdown.

Marshall brought his total sacks for the season to 10 1/2, also a Navy record.

UCF gained 314 yards, well short of the season average of 497.7.

“I think they’re spectacular on offense and how we were able to put pressure on the quarterback I think really affected them later in the game,” Marshall said. “Excellent defensive effort.”


Navy: Three weeks before their 123rd standoff with the army, the midshipmen have won huge respect at the end of a losing season. … Navy is now 8-1 in games without completing a transfer in the Niumatolo era (15 years). … The Navy’s previous victory over Temple on October 29 was also not over.

UCF: The loss sets up a few different scenarios for the venue of the AAC championship game. It also heightens the importance of the Knights’ game in South Florida next weekend.


Navy: Plays against the Army in Philadelphia on December 10th.

UCF: Playing USF Nov. 26

Southern California finished in the top 5 for the first time in five years in an Associated Press Sunday poll of college football.

Georgia received 62 of the 63 top-ranked votes in Regions Bank’s AP Top 25 as the top four teams retained their spots after playing varying degrees of intense games on Saturday.

Runner-up Ohio State came in second. Michigan again finished in 3rd place, followed by TCU.

The fifth-place Trojans are up two spots after a thrilling victory over UCLA rivals. USC last entered the top five in September 2017 when it started in 4th place, but spent most of the season among the teenagers before finishing 12th.

Lincoln RileyThe first season as USC coach produced one of the best results in the country, with the Trojans going from four wins to 10, with a regular season final against No. 13 Notre Dame and a Pac-12 championship game yet to come. .

“If you had told me at the end of last season that I would now be here with this group of guys and I could play for the championship, I would have called you a complete liar. To be completely honest.” – USC Receiver Year 4 Kyle Ford told reporters after the UCLA game. “I’m just so grateful to everyone on this team.”

LSU remained in 6th place. Clemson moved up two spots to 7th. Alabama held on to eighth and Tennessee dropped four places to 9th after being upset by a breakout in South Carolina.

In their 63–38 win, the Gamecocks scored more points against a top-five team as an unranked team than any other in the history of the AP Poll.

Oregon rounded out the top 10 after the Ducks beat Utah in another big Pac-12 game Saturday night.


Georgia set a school record for the 10th time in first place this season. The Bulldogs had nine firsts last year, the most in school history.

Georgia has been ranked first a total of 34 times, and Michigan has been ranked 12th in the history of the AP Poll, which dates back to 1936.

Southern California is in the top five for the 283rd time in poll history. It’s seventh, 13 behind Nebraska.

The top five are: Alabama (451), Oklahoma (430), Ohio (418), Notre Dame (318) and Michigan (306).


Texas again.

The No. 24 Longhorns, who started the season unranked, have made the top 25 four times. They did not manage to stay there for more than two weeks.

A flashy victory over Kansas put the Longhorns back in the rankings as they head towards the season finale against Baylor.


Oklahoma State lost a rival game with Oklahoma, dropping to 7-4 and being eliminated again.


Pak-12 – 6 (No. 5, 10, 12, 14, 17, 22).

SPK – 5 (No. 1, 6, 8, 9, 20).

AKK – 3 (No. 7, 16, 18).

American – 3 (No. 19, 21, 25).

Big Ten – 3 (Nos. 2, 3, 11).

Large 12 – 3 (No. 4, 15, 24).

Solar Belt – 1 (No. 23).

Independent – 1 (No. 13).


Highest stakes games on Rivalry Weekend:

– No. 19 Tulane to No. 21 Cincinnati, Friday. The winner hosts the AAC championship game.

– No. 10 Oregon at Oregon No. 22. Both rankings for the first time since 2012.

– No. 3 Michigan at No. 2 Ohio State. The best combined ranking between the two was also 2-3 ahead of 2016, determined in overtime by fourth place.

– Notre Dame No. 13 at USC No. 5. Both ranked for the first time since 2017.

PASADENA, California – Caleb Williams after passing a career-high 470 yards, Austin Jones rushed for a season-high 120 yards, and Southern California’s seventh seed clinched a spot in the Pac-12 championship game by defeating the UCLA No. 16 48-45 on Saturday night.

Williams also rushed for 32 yards and finished with 503 offensive yards. The Trojans (10-1, 8-1 Pac-12) posted a season-high 648 offensive yards and took advantage of the Bruins’ four losses.

Williams completed 32 of 43 passes with two touchdowns and an interception. His favorite target was Jordan Addisonwho had 11 receptions for 178 yards and a touchdown.

USC fell behind 14-0 before rallying. The Trojans scored on eight of the nine discs, including five in a row.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson he accounted for all six UCLA touchdowns, but also had three interceptions and a fumble.

UCLA received the ball with 2:21 left after forcing USC to hit. The Bruins (8-3, 5-3) moved into midfield, but their comeback hopes evaporated when Thompson-Robinson was knocked down Corey Foreman in midfield with 1:26 remaining.

Thompson-Robinson was 23 of 38 for 309 yards and threw for four touchdowns. He also ran for 75 yards and scored two points.


After Jones’ 8-yard run led the Trojans to a 21–17 record, UCLA got the ball and looked to score one last score before halftime—along with getting the ball early in the second half.

Everything didn’t go according to plan.

Thompson-Robinson was captured Mechs Blackmonwhich brought him back to UCLA 35. USC’s Denis Lynch missed his second field goal.

The Bruins got the ball back, but Shane Lee intercepted Thompson-Robinson at UCLA 47 with 14 seconds left. USC was able to convert that time when Lynch connected from 49 yards to take the Trojans 21-20 at halftime.

Nicholas Barr-Meara’s 46-yard field goal early in the second half extended the Bruins’ lead to four before Williams connected with Addison for a 35-yard TD to put the Trojans in first place 27–24.

The USC defense reached its third rotation in the middle of the third quarter when Tyrone Taleni fired Thompson-Robinson and forced a fumble which was reinstated Latrell McCutchin at UCLA 9. Two games later, Jones hit in the middle from 2 yards, pushing the Trojans’ lead into double figures.


USC: There were some concerns after Travis DaiA season-ending injury last week that would see the Trojans struggle in a running game, but Jones averaged 5.7 yards per carry and touched down twice.

UCLA: The Bruins defense has been having trouble over the past two weeks, especially stopping the opposition’s passing game. They allowed four completions of at least 35 yards.


After this victory, the Trojans can bet on the top five, and the Bruins will try to stay in the rankings.


USC: Next Saturday will host Notre Dame at number 18.

UCLA: Coming to California on Friday.


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