For Tom Brady, “It’s win or go home” for the 48th time


The Buccaneers are hosting the Cowboys later tonight. Pirates quarterback Tom Brady knows the stakes better than anyone considering this is his 48th time in the playoffs.

“Just happy to go play,” Brady said on his last episode Let’s go to podcast on SiriusXM, which Brady recorded earlier today. “We have invested a lot this season. We had our share of ups and downs, but we had a really great week of practice. We are pretty healthy and I am happy to see how we perform and play today against a really good football team. I definitely like our odds against anyone when we’re healthy and playing well. And now you just have to do it, because, you know, you watched these games last weekend, some teams played very well, like the Niners, and they just dominated. Other teams didn’t play very well and lost. Buffalo didn’t play very well and they figured out how to win. So anything can happen in playoff football and it really is a one-game season. Win or go home.”

It really is. And Brady obviously hopes to win this one and then three more, ending it all with another championship.

“Hopefully,” Brady said. “We have a lot to do this year and we have a tough game ahead of us with the Cowboys who will make it harder for us in this game. So they’re all tough at the moment. The margin of error is very small, and there are a lot of crazy things going on in the NFL football playoffs. I participated in many of these crazy games. We saw something already this weekend, you know, the performance [in the Cincinnati-Baltimore game] where are they going to score and [Tyler Huntley] dives over the top, the next thing you know is a 98 yard touchdown for the Bengals. So these are incredible games, these are incredible comebacks, it’s everything you could want in sports and live sports, so everyone loves to tune in and watch incredible athletes perform at the highest level.”

Indeed, we do. It was a great start to the playoffs, and for the second year in a row it will end with a game on Monday night. Last year’s Cardinals Rams game, which ended a three-day weekend, wasn’t very exciting. We hope that tonight will be much more convincing.