Former NC State player arrested, accused of stalking head coach Dave Doeren


Former North Carolina State football player Joseph Boletepeli was arrested this week on charges of harassing and threatening Wolf Pack head coach Dave Doren. Boletepeli, 22, was also charged with resisting a government official after police said he pulled back to avoid being handcuffed during his arrest.

According to WRAL report, the warrant stated that Boletepeli directly threatened Doeren via Twitter in a message that read: “I’ll get to him, I promise. Dave Doeren and others.” Investigators say Boletepeli made several appearances at Doeren’s office and also sent threatening text messages to Doeren and members of his staff. According to News Roles and Observercourt records describe Boletepeli’s behavior as one that “causes a reasonable person to suffer considerable emotional distress by exposing him to fear of death, bodily injury… or the safety of his next of kin.”

Boletepeli appeared in nine games for the Wolf Pack between 2018 and 2019, recording a total of 13 tackles before moving to Maryland in 2020. Boletepeli, a Raleigh native, played high school football at nearby Millbrook High School and Heritage High School.

According to Wake County records, Boletepeli was released on $25,000 bail with orders to stay away from the NC State campus as well as his former coach. WRAL reports that Boletepeli was placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor.

Boletepeli’s arrest came after Virginia called off a game against Coastal Carolina. after killing three members of the school football team. Chris Jones Jr., a former member of the Virginia football team, has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder.