Former USC away Kyle Ford dedicated himself to UCLA and explained why he chose the Bruins.

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Ford won’t have to travel far from home to continue his college career after announcing his move to the Bruins just minutes ago.

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“I am very excited about my decision,” Ford said. “I visited last week and met with the trainer Chip KellyJerry Neuehazel and coach Chev and they really like the plan for me and how they see me fit into this offense.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people, even unaffiliated with UCLA, and everyone has been very positive about Coach Kelly and how he knows how to take care of his body, which is important to me. They have a pretty elite strength and conditioning program and an exceptional recovery program.”

Ford talked more about a potential offensive role.

“They see me as an external recipient, playing the same role as Jake Bobo did last year,” Ford said. “Of course, I watched their attack a lot and I know that it is very explosive and one of the best in the country.

“It’s crazy because as a kid I was always a USC fan and I never dreamed of playing for UCLA, but I love the uniform. I am very excited and am now in the best shape of my life, so I can’t wait to get started.”

Ford signed with the Trojans as part of the class of 2019 but has struggled with injuries since his senior year in high school.

“Now I feel great,” Ford said. “My weight has come down to about 215 pounds and I am more explosive and faster than ever.

“I’m a graduate so I’m ready to go and I hope to be able to register as early as next week. I have friends on the team, guys that I know, Logan Logan, Jaylene Davis, Ethan Garbers and they are all very happy there and the messages from everyone have been very consistent”

Ford said he was also excited about the Bruins’ QB room.

“Yes, I mean, as a recipient, it will always matter to me,” Ford said. “I’ve seen Dante Moore a lot, he’s impressive and I like the guys on the team.

“I know Ethan Garbers and some other guys and just watching a little movie is a big insult. There are a lot of opportunities for receivers to play and I think I’ll fit in really well.”

As mentioned, Ford has struggled with injuries over the past few years, but when healthy, he has the skills needed to be a dominant outside receiver. He is a big, strong kid who can intimidate receivers and is very good at catching the ball in contact and in 50-50 ball situations.

He is a better athlete than he was supposed to be and could also get separated. He runs well after the catch, is a strong and diligent blocker and has always played at a high professional level.