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Formula 1 British Grand Prix qualifying live

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The sky remains very dark. It seems that soon, at least at the beginning of the session, it will rain. Although the water has been waiting all day. What’s more, the first raincoats are beginning to be seen in some areas of the circuit!

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Marc Gené assures that since Ferrari prefer rain on DAZN microphones. “To get pole today I wouldn’t mind if it rained,” she resolves.

The rain forecast it is delayed just at four in the afternoon, at the beginning of the qualy. We will be able to see, with probability, a classification passed by water.

They are working on Fernando Alonso’s car (also Ocon’s) with little time left to fix the problems. Everything indicates that they will be able to go out without problems to the classification.

But, how do the Spanish arrive? Carlos Sainz he got off the hook in the last free practice sessions and finished sixth. Fernando Alonsowith problems in his pontoons, was tenth.

Max Verstappen scares Ferrari in the last free practice session. Practically intractable has been shown with his Red Bull.

Buenas tardes! Welcome to qualifying for the British Grand Prix. All set for the action to begin in Silvertone!

Start the real fire in the British Grand Prix 2022. Welcome to the classification Silverstone, one of the fastest and most emblematic circuits of the entire calendar. Red Bull, especially in the figure of Max Verstappen, has been shown intractable throughout the weekend. Although Friday’s session was not representative in terms of results, the last free practice session held today ended up dispelling any doubts.

The world leader is the main favorite. He has been much superior, having a margin of four tenths with Leclerc’s car in practice three. And with the same tire. In any case, at Ferrari they don’t rule out a possible pole position… although they know it will be very difficult and that they are not favorites.

Others that have arrived, and who knows if they will stay, are the two cars from Mercedes. They have achieved fourth and fifth place, but they are in the fight even with the Ferrari for those top positions on the grill tomorrow. It was already rumored that perhaps it was time for them to step forward. Even more so in a circuit in which Hamilton is still the king, and where he has achieved seven victories in the last appointments.

Los Alpine, despite the optimism that had been generated by the evolution of the cars, they do not seem to be in the battle either, although Q3 does not seem that far away. Fernando Alonso has finished the session as tenth classified. The pontoons It seems that they are causing more problems than expected. They are new and very light. On Friday they finished with cracks after Free Practice 2. We will have to see how the car behaves in qualifying, when the teams do not keep anything.

Another point to take into account is theporpoising‘. The rebound effect seems very strong, especially in the fastest corners of the circuit.


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