Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco junior guard Peyton Woodyard reduced his list of schools to seven and fixed the date of his marriage.

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Woodyard is one of the best defensemen in the junior class and is currently ranked 29th nationally in the 247Sports Composite. It has a prototype roll cage, shows great range and physically supports running.

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Today, the talented athlete has narrowed his list to seven and will choose a college from the final group, which includes Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon and USC.

Woodyard told what stands out in each of the favorites:

Florida“Florida is the only school I haven’t been to yet, but I’m going to visit when our season is over. I’ve heard great things and I know I’ll love it there. Patrick Tony is a great coach and they defend just like we do at Bosco. I also had great conversations with coach Napier and I think I would fit in well.”

Georgia“I like what they have going on right now. They look like the next Alabama, the dominant college football program in the country right now. They play great defensively and I like their style of play. Coach Fran (Brown) and Coach Mushamp are creating something special on defense and it would be great to be a part of that.”

Michigan– “I like both Jay and Jim Harbaugh a lot of. Jay Harbaugh does a great job with security and I had a great time there in the spring. Jim Harbaugh is a great head coach and I love Michigan’s winning tradition. They always defend very well, it’s a good academic school, and I really like everything here.”

Our lady“I’ve always liked Notre Dame, it’s a special place. I really like Coach Freeman and Coach O’Leary and I talk to them regularly. I really like defense and I always feel very comfortable when I am there. It’s like a family to me, like a home, and I love their style of play and how they will use me in their defense.”

Ohio“I have a great relationship with the coaching staff, especially with Cash Eliano and coach Day. I talk to both of them a couple of times a week and they have made me their priority and have always let me know how much they want me to be part of their program. They have a great football program and I like the school in general. I’m also close to a couple of 24 year commitments and interact a lot with Dominic Raiola“.

Oregon“I’ve been to Oregon a couple of times and I really like it there. The staff is very diligent in recruiting me and Coach Powledge is a great guy. I got to know his family and I really like him and the general family atmosphere there. Coach Lanning is also a great guy and head coach with a defensive mindset. I like the direction the program is heading in and I know I will fit in well.”

USC“USC is a local school and I have a very high level of comfort there. I love Coach Grinch, it’s great that he’s the safety coach and DC and they’re really pushing me hard right now. They really want me to stay at home and show me all the benefits that come with it. I also really like Coach Riley and I love what they’re building.”

Woodyard is set to announce his intention on January 7 at the All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

“I feel ready,” Woodyard said. “I am delighted with this opportunity to participate in the All-American Bowl. I know there will be a few seniors and they asked me if I wanted to do that too and I said, “Of course, why not.”

“I like the idea of ​​leaving in the offseason with my decision. Now I don’t have to worry about it and I can help start typing and building this class. I know it’s still early, but I’ve made a lot of informal visits and really started this process early, so I know I have all the information I need to make a decision.”