Earlier in September, 247Sports highlighted a group of up-and-coming players in the 2024 class who could see a jump in their rankings as they move forward. Four star big man Aiden Sherrell This is another name to watch for promotion as he prepares for a hot start, averaging a double-double at Hillcrest Academy in Phoenix, Arizona this season.

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The 6-foot-10 mobile prospect from Detroit, Michigan has made three official visits. His last trip was to East Lansing, as Sherrell was delighted to visit the Michigan State Spartans.

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“What stood out about this visit was the family feeling,” Sherrell said. “My parents came and Tom Izzo spent time talking to my family. They have a great program. I’m from Detroit, so I grew up watching Spartan basketball.”

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Sherrell made his first two visits to Alabama as well as UNLV. He says he plans to visit USC and lists Kentucky as well as Texas as two programs that have shown a lot of interest in his game lately. He discussed each program with 247Sports:

Alabama:”Brian Hodgson recruits me. It was a great environment. I went to the football match. A lot of fans noticed me. I see that I fit well into their system. They also have great opportunities.”

Kentucky:”CT Turner I am hit a lot and our negotiations are going well. They have been my dream school since I grew up. It was great to be recruited by them. This is a legendary program that produces NBA players every year. I definitely see myself as one of those NBA guys coming out of that school.”

Texas: “They recruited me pretty hard. Brandon Chappell stretches. I talk to him a lot and he showed me new objects. He definitely sees me as a big part of their team. They have a great program.”

UNLV: “The visit went well. It’s a great program with a great coaching staff. They watched me for a while. They see that I fit well into their program, being a star. They win a lot.”

USC: “They produce guys like me. Tall guys who are mobile and can hold the ball and throw the ball well. They produce people like me, and I see myself as fitting into this program.”

As Sherrell continues his visiting process, he says his primary focus is on how the programs develop their players.

“I want to develop into the NBA player that I want to be,” Sherrell said. “I want to be the best basketball player I could be.”

Sherrell says the roster cuts are not expected until the summer starts to play out in full force. He is currently ranked 55th in the 247Sports Top 150 Players.