Moreno Valley (California) Rancho Verde big man Jacob McFarland is ready to talk about his commitment to college, and he will do it live with 247Sports.

Ranked 99th overall in the class of 2023, McFarland will select Georgia, Houston and Wyoming from his final trio this Friday, September 23 at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT. and the announcement can be seen here.

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One of the fastest growing over the summer, McFarland used walks with his high school team in Section 7 and with his West Coast Elite NorCal summer team in the Under Armor Association to become one of the most in-demand big men in the country.

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McFarland flies up and down the court, is great at blocking shots and still has plenty of edge when he fills his frame.

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Earlier this month, McFarland spoke about what he wanted to see from the Bulldogs, Cougars and Cowboys as he prepares for his official visits.

Georgia: “Akim Miskdin recruit me from there. Their Zoom meeting was outstanding. They amazed me with the way they answered all my questions. This meeting made me want to attend because of how well organized it was. The coaching staff is really cool and they all get in each other’s way.”

Houston: “I didn’t know about their program and didn’t really follow their program, but as soon as I got a call from their staff, I fell in love with their energy. This is a security program. We talked about what my role would be and how I would fit into it. We also talk about good food.”

Wyoming: “They were the first school that really believed in me. I was talking to Mark Rogers as well as Ken DeWeese. Recently, I was talking about what I would see there that would make me want to go there.”

McFarland saw Wyoming first and Houston last weekend, with Georgia sandwiched in between. Now the only question is which program will win? Be sure to tune in Friday night to see.