One of the top DMV candidates has five schools left. Donovan Freemanfour 6ft 8in, 190lb men from Washington, D.C. announced a final list of five including Iowa, LSU, Maryland, Rutgersas well as Texas.

“I was comfortable in all five schools,” Freeman said. “Early in the hiring process, I knew I didn’t want to delay. These are the five schools with which I have the closest relationship.”

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Freeman attended every eligible school except LSU. Iowa and Texas are the only two schools he officially attended. Freeman plans to visit Baton Rouge early in the new year. He shared his thoughts on each school with 247Sports:

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Iowa: “I’m talking to Fran McCaffery most from there. This was my first official visit and it was crazy. It changed my attitude towards college in general. I have seen the support they have because their sports program is the main attraction in their state. I went to a football match and I liked the atmosphere. I also saw how they treat basketball players on campus, and it was like a place where a college player would like to be.”

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LSU: “I plan to come soon. I don’t have an exact date. Basketball aside, I love the strong culture in Baton Rouge. This is a real and legitimate student city. what you look for in a school when you were in college. Their staff showed up late, but I always liked their program when I was growing up. Ronnie Hamilton was the first coach to reach out and then Matt McMahon Shortly after that, they started recruiting me. So even though it was already late, I easily added them to my top five.”

Maryland: “This is a hometown school and I’ve been on campus a few times. Of all the schools, this is the school that I have been to the most. I’m really familiar with the campus. strong relationship with David Cox as well as Kevin Willard. I like what they are doing with the program right now. They are in a good location and the culture is strong. It’s always great to play in front of an audience in my hometown, so I really like their program.”

Rutgers: “When I got there, I was on edge. But when I went down there, I was completely blown away by the facilities, the people who surround the program, and the team. Steve Pickell player coach, one of the most personable coaches I have ever met in my life. He is dedicated to Rutgers basketball and completely immersed in it. My main recruiter Carl Hobbs and he’s from the same area as me. We have a lot in common and I talk to him a lot. We have a pretty strong relationship, so I was pleased to put them in the top five.”

Texas: “It felt like my first official visit because of how dedicated the fans are. There are no professional teams in Austin, so their support is crazy. I really liked that their school would appear because of the style of the game and the players. they have it in the league. When they called me I was excited and all for it. Bob Donewald my main recruiter. It seems surreal to build a relationship with a school that I have watched since I was a child.”

Freeman says a decision “probably” will be made by January or February. His decision will depend on when he visits LSU.

“I will sit down with my family and discuss all the schools to see which one is best for me,” Freeman said of his decision. “They are all great schools. I would like to go to all five, but I want to go where I feel most comfortable and where the staff will push me the most to get to the next level. I need a coach who is going to challenge me to reach my full potential.”

Freeman, who received four stars from 247Sports, is 43rd overall in the national junior class.