Taylor Bowen, 37th overall prospect in the 247Sports Top150, has narrowed its selection down to six finalists. Bowen will choose between Duke, Florida State, Iowa, LSU, Providence and Vermont, he told 247Sports.

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The 6-foot-9, 195-pound Brewster Academy striker in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire will announce his decision on Saturday, June 25 at 3:30 pm ET live. CBS Sports Headquarters.

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Bowen broke his finalist with 247Sports.

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Duke: “Coach Scheier offered me a scholarship in the fall when he came to see me, and it definitely meant a lot for such a historic program. It meant a lot to me to receive an offer from blue bloods.

Florida State: “Coach Jones and Coach Hamilton recruited me hard. Especially coach Jones, he came to see me in the fall, and since then we have been very close, and it has been a close relationship.

Iowa: “Coach McCaffery and Coach Eldridge have been hiring me for a long time and they were my first big offer in my sophomore year. They were there from the beginning and did nothing but show me love and guidance.”

LSU: “Coach Hamilton and McMahon showed a lot of love and he recruited me a lot from the first session where I played very well. After that, I was offered, and it meant a lot.”

Providence: “Coach Thomas and Coach Cooley have been showing crazy love since my sophomore year. I’ve been to Rhode Island a lot, where I really grew up and became a basketball player. I came here and started working with Corey Wright when I got to St. George. Rhode Island holds a special place in my heart and being here with the love they have shown is so much.”

Vermont: “This is my hometown, Coach Snyder and Coach Becker have always been there. It was my second proposal, and obviously it meant a lot. Because they were in my hometown, I always wanted to play for UVM as a kid.”

In making his decision this weekend, Bowen knows exactly what he wants from the program and the coaching staff.

“I’m looking for a program that will make me feel at home and push me towards my dream of becoming the first NBA player from Vermont,” he said. “I will work my best to achieve this and will do my best to achieve my goals. I need a coaching staff that will push me and allow me to play and fulfill this dream.”